I Am Recovering After My Breast Surgery, Says Veena Malik

Veena Malik talks about breast care and how she is recovering with time.

I Am Recovering After My Breast Surgery, Says Veena MalikVeena Malik took to social media to share the news of going for breast surgery. The surgery went successful and she recovered as well.

In her recent interview, Veena talks about her breast surgery in detail.

“Well, that was the day when I got to know that breast care is real and I had a fat lump. I got to know about this fat lump when I got my check-up done and it could get dangerous in the future. My doctor suggested me to get it removed because it could get dangerous. It was actually growing with every check-up so I got it removed. Alhamdulillah, I am recovering now and I hope it doesn’t develop again.”

Veena suggested to other ladies to take this matter seriously, she said:

“I want to say to all beautiful ladies out there to take care of yourselves because breast care is real. I used to hear about it, read about it but when I suffered from it I realized more. Now I am feeling better, I am taking care of myself and actually recovering. I was supposed to rest for a couple of more weeks but I am recovering and feeling better now.”

Hope other ladies also take this matter seriously because it’s all real.


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