I Copy Urwa’s Decisions, Says Mawra Hocane

In the Pakistani entertainment industry, there are many siblings’ pairs who have a powerful bond and they have great chemistry.

Similarly, one of the most famous sisters of the industry are Mawra Hocane and Urwa Hocane who share a beautiful bond of love and friendship.

I Copy Urwa's Decisions, Says Mawra Hocane

People often think that they are twins however that’s not the truth they have one year of difference between them.

I Copy Urwa's Decisions, Says Mawra Hocane

Mawra Hocane in an interview talked about her bond with sister Urwa Hocane and said:

“I steal Urwa’s things even her shoes and bangles. She is the best and she has the best things even if  I go buy things by myself I cant. Our sizes are the same and this is a plus point for me not for her.”

I Copy Urwa's Decisions, Says Mawra Hocane

She even revealed that she often copies Urwa Hocane and shared, “Whatever Urwa wants to do I want to do the same thing after six months and its actually been a pattern now. I don’t know what she will feel about this because I have never said this on her face.”

I Copy Urwa's Decisions, Says Mawra Hocane

“I copy Urwa’s decisions like she did Udaari and after that, I did Sami drama,” she added.


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