“I didn’t do Balu Mahi To Portray Myself As An Eye-Candy,” Shares Sadaf Kanwal

The news of Sadaf Kanwal doing a film had surely created quite a stir in the entertainment fraternity. Known for having chiseled and sharp features, she is the definition of what you may call a supermodel. While her performance in Balu Mahi received a lot of praise, many thought her character was controversial as well.

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She was even referred as an eye candy while Ainy and Osman did all the hard work. But the model is not worried about the criticism, claiming that everyone is entitled to their opinion. “I did not take up this film to portray myself as just another piece of eye-candy,” she told The Express Tribune. “It was the spiciness and wit behind Sharmeen’s character that I gravitated towards. It gave me room to be creative with my acting and expressions. Hence, my role was loved by all in the end.”

Nonetheless, there is always the assumption that models are cast in acting roles primarily because they are easy on the eyes. Sadaf believes that was not the case for her in Balu Mahi. “No, it’s not about the looks, all the time,” she stated. Yes, it would give you a good space on the screen but there would be no longevity in one’s acting career then.”

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The debutant actor says she has grown up with actors and it’s the art behind the craft that makes her want to pursue acting. “It’s not that ‘Oh, I’m so pretty, I’ll look so good in this character.’ That won’t get me anywhere. And again, opting for Balu Mahi was solely because I wanted to experience that bubbliness of Sharmeen on screen and explore the acting arena,” Sadaf said.

The budding starlet is glad her performance has garnered positive reviews. “The fact the character was a bit out of the box and yet, gathered such an amazing response really surprised and motivated me.”

About her transition from modeling to acting, Sadaf said, “It was difficult at first but not entirely. I have grown up watching movies and idolising actors so I would say it was more exciting than difficult for me.”

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Nonetheless, Sadaf admitted she was not that comfortable at first. “I swear, if you had asked me this before Balu Mahi, I would have said, ‘Getting there, day by day.’ But, after so much guidance and support from everyone. I feel very comfortable now.

However, Sadaf hasn’t switched sides completely. “I want to remain focused in both acting and modelling. The latter is more like my forte; I love doing it and I’m proud to say I’m good at it. However, I do want to be remembered as an actor in the long run.”

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