“I run away from awards, I don’t believe in them,” shares Sajal Ali

Making her debut with a small screen drama then moving onto Pakistani film debut, Sajal Aly has made a huge name for herself. Sajal has it all going for her – she’s cute, pretty and is all set to leave a mark across the borders as well.


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In an interview with Hello Pakistan, Sajal Ali opened up about her acting career, co-stars and Bollywood debut.

She spoke about her first break in the drama industry, “I was invited to do an activity for a production house at a local mall; right from the get go I was told that my voice was too thin.”

Sajal is inspired by TV actors, Nadia Jamil and Sania Saeed, who have always outdone themselves in powerful female roles, “I’ve been lucky enough: I have had some wonderful characters presented to me literally on plate.”


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Sajal also has her favourite roles, “Gohar-e- Nayab with Ahsan Khan as my co-lead is my favourite play. My own family tells me that I am very much like that girl in this serial.”

“Sannata is also one of my favourite projects. I bring a lot of emotion to my roles,”
said Sajal. “It’s a lot of work, and frankly, acting is not just about the good life; or about fame and fortune – it’s about emotions that are inside of you and the energy and commitment required to work with them.”

Her views on her co-stars are also pragmatic: “If you’re into your character, you don’t have to be friendly and comfortable with your co-stars on a personal level – it’s better to be proficient, do your work and get it over with.” She is also quite wary of limelight and publicity; “I run away from awards, I don’t believe in them,” she said bluntly.

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She likes her own company, “I enjoy my own company,” shares Sajal.

Sharing further shared about her Bollywood debut, “I have always aspired for something challenging. It really was quite a unique experience. All one got to eat was cheese and bread, which I couldn’t stomach daily; interestingly the Indians bring also sort of foods with them on their travels, from papar to achaar! Since this was one of my first times abroad, my mother went with me to Georgia and would even cook for us. I really needed the emotional support, someone to fall back on during this new experience.”

Sajal is in her twenties and has been working really hard. “Women in Pakistan need to get out of self-suppression and self-victimisation, Only then can we raise a generation of strong individuals. Change starts from within you.”

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When asked about her debut Pakistani film, Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai, Sajal replied: “The experience was great, it wasn’t too different from the television screen. I just didn’t want to do something which was not like real life and it was a beautiful experience to play the mother of a child in this film.” Dramas still continue to inspire Sajal, “Our television is our identity,” she said.

“I still haven’t completed my bachelor’s so I can’t really apply for a full-time programme, but filmmaking classes and courses would be useful,” she added.

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