If You Are Judging Me Based On My Nationality, You Are A Racist, Shares Adnan Sami

The famous Pakistani Pop Singer Adnan Sami left his very own country Pakistan for India. He surrendered his Pakistani Nationality to get Indian citizenship in 2016. The singer received backlash from his former nation Pakistan for getting the Indian citizenship.

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In an interview with India.com, when asked if it bothered him, Sami said, “I know people criticised my decision, but honestly, I don’t care. And why should I? I am a singer. You love me or hate me based on my music. If you are judging me based on my nationality and religion, you are a racist. This is very offensive. I cannot encourage that.”

“Some people will criticise your actions and I cannot stop expressing my opinion based on that. As far as my opinion on surgical strikes is concerned, I explained it to the media clearly,” said, Adnan.

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“I always stood by my opinion and will do that in future as well. I have never made any frivolous comment and never will.”

He’ll working on a Bollywood project soon. “We will be announcing the project very soon. I am composing songs for it.”

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