IHC Bans Valentine’s Day Celebrations In Pakistan

Islamabad High Court, today banned Valentine’s Day celebrations across the country and its promotion on social media ‘with an immediate effect’ after accepting a petition which argued that it was un-Islamic.

The order was issued by the court on the petition submitted by a citizen Abdul Waheed, whose political affiliation was not immediately known. The petitioner had urged the court that Valentine Day was not part of the Muslim tradition and its promotions on the mainstream and social media should be banned.

The print and electronic media have been warned to “stop all Valentine’s Day promotions immediately”. Pakistan’s Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) has also been asked to “monitor” all mediums and send out notifications banning any such promotions.

The IHC directed the information ministry, federal government, Pemra chairman and chief commissioner to submit a reply within 10 days.

Do you agree with Islamabad High Court’s ban on Valentine’s Day?

Rimsha Butt