I’m not showing off, I need your help – Says Hira Mani

The novel coronavirus has managed to grip Pakistan in its claws tightly, alongside 199 other countries aorund the world. The death toll in Pakistan has risen to 20 in the past two weeks with 1615 people actively infected. Following the growth of the highly contagious infection, the government has imposed a lockdown in major provinces of Pakistan.

As a result of the lockdown, a number of people, especially the day to day earners have been suffering. And to help such people, Hira Mani has stepped forward with a mission. To provide and feed as many hungry stomachs as she possibly can.

Pakistan daily wagers struggle to survive in coronavirus lockdown

Hira started off with her ration drive and has completed her fourth dispatch. Hira took to Instagram to ask people for help in a heartfelt post.

“Ye filhal mere akele ki effort hai ye fourth time Ker rahi Hun I reallly need your help guys mere team ka hissa app bhe bun saktay hain or ajj marium hain jinhaon ne Mujey 6 packets bana kay diye inhaon ne muhey khud call ki app jo bhe dey saktay hain dien water bottles Se leke aataa cheeni daal jo bhe dena chahein app log contribute Ker saktey hain shukriya (For the time being, this is my effort alone and I’m doing this for the fourth time.  I really need your help guys. You can be a part of my team. Today Marium send me 6 packets and you can too. We distribute everything from water bottles to flour, sugar, pulses, whatever you want to contribute), ” wrote Hira on her Instagram.

At the same time, answering people who have been criticizing celebrities for posting pictures of their ration distributing drives, Hira added that she wasn’t showing off but she just needed people’s help. “The picture is just to show you that you can join hands with me and contribute as much as you can. Please help,” wrote the Do Bol actress.

I'm not showing off, I need your help - Says Hira Mani

Due to the lockdown because of coronavirus spreading in Pakistan, those who worked for daily wages and the needy have been suffering. There has been a shortage of food and other basic necessities as people cannot afford to buy things with no work these days. A lot of celebrities alongside governmental and non governmental organizations have been busy distributing ration amongst such people and have been calling for help and donations.


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