Iman Ali Is Dead Against Plastic Surgery

Iman Ali is not seen on talk shows very often but whenever she comes to a show she is always very honest while answering all the questions. Iman Ali could not be a part of Sanam Jung’s show in which Fahad Mustafa, Aly Khan and Anjum Shehzad came to promote their film Mah-e-Mir. Today she came to the show and she shared many things about the film and her personal likes and dislikes. Iman Ali is considered a style icon and many people love her for her talent and beauty. Iman Ali on the other hand doesn’t think she is very pretty. Talking on the show she said,

“I don’t think I am pretty. The camera and the directors make me look beautiful otherwise I am just like any other girl. I never got any kind of plastic surgery done to my face because I don’t like it. We see many actresses nowadays whose lips have gone from being small to medium and then extra large! There was a time when people used to appreciate models with full lips but now everyone has them unnaturally.”


Iman Ali also loves food. She loves to eat and cook food. Quite surprisingly she is not like any other diva, she said,

“I don’t like shopping. I enjoy staying at home. I have complete faith that your success or failure depends on Allah but I believe that one should always do things which they think they can excel at.”

iman ali1

Talking about her character in Mah-e-Mir she said that it was a very mysterious character. She said that she took this role and this project only because of Anjum Shehzad because he is a gifted director. She said,

“This was supposed to be a small film, the sort which is made for showing in festivals but Anjum Shehzad’s direction has made it grand and now we are promoting it and showing it on national level.”

iman ali

Iman Ali also said that she is very selective about the projects she works in. Iman Ali is also the make-up artist for the film Mah-e-Mir. She said that her favorite look in the whole film was the one in the qawali song because she was wearing minimum make-up in it. Talking about herself she said,

“I have never posted selfies or pictures of myself on social media because I don’t love myself so much!”


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