Iman Ali Reveals She’s Richer Than Her Husband

The gorgeous Pakistani film and television actress Iman Ali recently gave an interview while promoting her film in which she revealed about her poverty, struggles and getting rich. Talking about it in Something Haute, Iman said that she has seen poverty but she kept working hard and found out wiser ways to save money.

Iman Ali Reveals She's Richer Than Her Husband

Iman also revealed that she’s richer than her husband because she earned a lot of money and she also saved it and spent it on buying properties.

Iman Ali Reveals She's Richer Than Her Husband

She said, “I have seen a lot of poverty, I grew up wearing used clothes, till 18, I worked hard, I built my house, I financed my own wedding, I don’t remember I stitched new Eid dresses, I wear old clothes, I’m still struggling but let me tell you, I am richer than Baber it’s a fact, I have saved each and every single penny which I earned and then I utilized it in buying property, I bought plots and houses and even Babar loves this thing and he admits that I’m richer than him” Here is the link of her story!

Here is the link of the video when she talked about her struggles and poverty!

Talking about her relationship with husband Iman Ali said, “We have a very cool relationship like friends, we enjoy doing our activities together, he doesn’t praise me all the time and even if he does, I start laughing, but recently, he did praise me in a family event, of course, I would also not appreciate if he’d be praising me all the time, my husband is a good looking man, obviously, I married him because of his looks, earlier, I had no plans to do marriage but then I just took a decision and got married” here is link!

Did you love the honest replies of Iman Ali about her beautiful relationship with husband and about her struggles? Do let us know!

Iman Ali Reveals She's Richer Than Her Husband

Iman Ali Reveals She's Richer Than Her Husband


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