Imran Abbas Gave a Fitting Reply To Hater

Second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day. Well it is also a fact that a single day is not enough to pay tribute to our mother’s who takes care of their children selflessly and shower their countless love on them.

The world is celebrating mothers day today and so are our celebrities. Almost everyone posted pictures with their mothers to show the love they have for the most beautiful creature of this world.

Imran Abbas also took Instagram to share a video message in which he paid tribute to all the mothers

Well the keyboard warriors never refrains from spreading hate, whatever the occasion it some people are always ready to spread negativity, so did this guy who came up with a unique statement and said that Jews celebrates mothers day. Well Imran Abbas couldn’t stop himself from replying to this man and gave a perfect reply saying that Muslims also have mothers. And if you are a Muslim don’t use Instagram again as it is also a Jew’s invention

Imran Abbas Gave a Fitting Reply To Hater

Hina Saleem

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