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Imran Abbas Is Very Excited About His Upcoming Bollywood Film

Imran Abbas could not go to India earlier in order to promote his upcoming Bollywood film Creature3D because of Visa issues but now he is very actively promoting his film in India. He also attended a special launch of the film with the cast and crew. After watching the final product Imran Abbas was very excited about the project. The director of the film even invited the Prime Minister of India to this exclusive launch of the film. Imran Abbas has been showing his enthusiasm and excitement on different forums. Creature3D is going to be the first Indian film in which the creature is completely animated.

Here are some pictures from the special launch of the film and the promos:








It’s a film like ‘Jurassic Park’ or ‘Anaconda’. It’s action-oriented and adventurous film,” – See more at:
the first Indian creature film and that was
the first Indian creature film and that was