Imran Khan Slammed For Calling PSL Foreign Players ‘Phateechar’!

Pakistan is known for it’s hospitality and foreign players were warmly welcomed as they came to Lahore for PSL finals. We all know that, PTI’s chairman Imran Khan was against the decision of holding PSL final in Lahore and his concern was justified. However, Pakistan hosted the event brilliantly and the fool proof security managed to keep the whole country safe. PSL brought cricket back to Pakistan and the whole nation is overjoyed. But recently, Imran Khan made some really racist remarks towards the foreign players who played for PSL final in Lahore. His harsh comments regarding the players were totally uncalled for.

Video of Imran Khan’s press conference which has gone viral over social media shows him criticizing the foreign players who had arrived in Lahore to play the Pakistan Super League Final in the Gaddafi Stadium on Sunday. The cricketer turned politician who is famous for his blunt comments has once again stirred controversy by referring the international players who played PSL final in Lahore as ‘phateechar’. Yes, he literally said that and the whole nation is shocked!

“I don’t know even the name of any of these so-called foreign players. It seems they were just picked up from anywhere like Africa,” he said.

The video went insanely viral and Twitterati were deeply shocked and disappointed!

Rimsha Butt