Imran Khan Talks About Reham’s Singing

Few lines of the ghazal which Reham Khan sang in Shaista Lodhi’s Morning Show have received different kinds of reaction from people. Some people see Reham Khan as a strong woman while others think that she is a drama queen who is trying to get attention from people. What anyone thinks does not matter much but what matters the most is what Imran Khan thinks about her song. Imran Khan was invited in a talk show On Samaa TV as a guest in which he talked about many different things including politics and his divorce. When the host asked him if he had heard Reham Khan sing and what he thought about it, he said,

“I have heard that people cried a lot and she sang very well. I was thinking I can also sing and make people cry but for a completely different reason! People will cry because they will do anything to make me stop singing. Divorce is very painful for anyone who is involved in it. It is a kind of a death of a relationship.”

Imran Khan made it very clear before too that he was not going to malign his ex-wife’s reputation in any way and in this reply he made it clear once again that he was not going to say anything against Reham Khan.

Watch the video here: