Indian Remake of “Hawa Hawa” is Disappointing

No one doubts the talent that Pakistan has when it comes to music, and India might not admit it but that doesn’t stop her from copying our music of the past, remaking them and selling them with her stamp on it!

The song ‘Hawa Hawa’ is a famous creation of Pakistan’s pop music sung by Hassan Jahangir. The song gained huge popularity in the 80s’ and 90s’ and is still considered as one of the best tracks that our music industry has managed to produce.

While our music Industry is moving forward, bringing our artists’ creativity into play, producing innovative tracks and beats, India is moving backwards-backtracking our musical records and finding the tracks they can copy, I mean, remake.

The most recent victim of India’s craze of remaking old Pakistani songs will be found in the movie ‘Mubarakan’, an Arjoon Kapoor starrer which is to release later this year. The remake is posted under as well as the original; you can decide for yourself which is better.

According to me, the remake is cheap. Not only are the lyrics vulgar, the use of auto tune also ruins the whole song. I dearly missed the original ,melodious version of song when I had the misfortune of listening to the Indian version.


Here is the original version by Hassan Jahangir:


Arsala Khalid