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Industry’s Take On Ali-Meesha Controversy!

Ali-Meesha controversy has heated a lot of debate and many celebrities have weighed their opinions on it. With some siding with Meesha, others siding with Ali, a lot of them have just stayed neutral. Here are some of the opinions that have come out from the colleagues of the involved parties:

Waqar Zaka like always has his own way of taking sides. The man does not know subtlety:

Hamza Ali Abbasi also spoke out his mind:

Sonya should be appreciated for this mature stance. She has asked everybody to not go on blindly supporting their parties:

Mahira talked about the sensitivity of the issue at hand:

And so did Momina Mustehsan:

Urwa supported Meesha:

While OKB sarcastically slammed those who were slandering women who talk about this stuff:

Iffat Omar was in total support of Meesha:

Maya Ali is supporting her Teefa n Trouble co-star:

The industry is clearly divided and so are the fans. Let’s see how they bury the hatchet as the matter has really gotten out of hand!

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