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Internet Sensation Ahmed Shah Is Now A Part Of Prince Adventures

Adventure time is here with the new prince anthem which all our kids have been waiting for!

The new prince anthem has given all parents an activity to carry out with their kids at home during this pandemic. Many celebrities including Fatima Effandi and Momal Sheikh have been seen carrying out activities with children at home.

Peechay tou dekhoo mere hath mein prince ki sword hai! The wait is over, little prince Ahmed Shah and his brother Abu Bakar brings you the revamp version of all new adventurous and exciting prince anthem!

Also Asim Azhar loves being the voice of the new prince anthem. The tune is so catchy and all kids are completely hooked to it. 

So go play and repeat the new anthem feeling nostalgic of your own childhood adventures and let your kid be a hero! All your kid needs for that is a dose of iron rich energy.

There’s no stopping adventure this time. Excitement is at an all time high!

Sara Khan

A fashion marketer and merchandiser by profession 👩🏻‍🎓