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There are always eras of everything. Be it a person, a serial, a movie, a genre, or an app. There are highs and lows for everything. There was a time when facebook used to be the most popular social media platform and people thought that it would be the best app ever but times changed and came the era of Instagram and twitter. Who knows what the future will bring to us. Similarly there were times when Dubsmash was so popular that every single person was going at it. Its popularity took celebrities by storm and we used to see celebrity dubsmashes and compilations of their dubsmashes every single day. Than their used to be debates on who does it best.

Now seems like the era of and Tik Tok. is mainly about your creative ideas shown by your video based on the music, its main content is gesture dance, imitate singers and video clips. Not many celebrities have done much on but seems like Iqra Aziz has started having fun with it.

A video surfaced on Iqra’s Instagram captioned “For the love of Biryani” and went viral in a matter of minutes where she is doing a lip-syncing to the Shan Foods famous TVC’s first two three Punjabi lines. Her expressions and acting as always are up to the mark.

Here is the of Iqra Aziz’s Shan TVC.


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