Iqra Aziz’s Mother Has An Important Public Message To Give Away

Iqra Aziz posts a number of fun videos on her YouTube channel. She also keeps her fans updated with whatever is going on in her life through her social media, especially Instagram. However, for Iqra its not only fun and games. The girl takes her reach seriously and uses her Instagram to spread awareness regarding issues that matter.

In a recent video, we see Iqra conversing with her mother who has an important public message to give away.

Iqra is heard asking her mother why she didn’t switch on the geezer to heat up the water.

“Its all about caring. I thought rather than switching on the geezer to heat the water for 24 hours, wouldn’t it be better if I can heat up water in a pot in less time use that to shower. This will also save time and gas. The gas that I save can be used by others, who really need it,” Asiya Aziz, Iqra’s mother is heard saying.

Now that’s something great. A public message and Iqra using her social media profile with a good reach to spread awareness about gas consumption. It feels good when our celebrities take their role as an influencer seriously because the crisis that our country is going through, each effort to build it back, matters. A lot.

ifrah salman

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