Iranian-Turkish Movies To B e Showcased In Pakistani Cinemas

Pakistani Cinema has been facing great loss after the Pakistani authorities announced Bollywood movies to be banned in Pakistan. Due to the deteriorating relations between Pakistan and India have caused Pakistan’s Film Exhibitors and Distributors group to suspend the screening of all Indian films “until normalcy returns”.

IMGC’s Chairman Shaikh Amjad Rashid and Mohsin Yaseen of Cinepax management speak with Images on screening foreign films in Pakistan;

“It’s in the initial states right now. We’ve decided to screen films from Iran and Turkey to fill the gap of Indian films,” says Rashid.


“Yes. We are looking at different options from around the world to fill the gap, as Turkish dramas had a good following in Pakistan, we feel their movies will have a good impact too. Currently, we only play films from Hollywood, Bollywood and Pakistan,” echoes Mohsin Yaseen of Cinepax (Karachi) management.


However, this won’t necessarily be a permanent move.The chairman explains: “If the ban on Indian films is lifted, this will fizzle out because they (Iranian and Turkish films) will not yield a profitable response; they’re very different from Pakistani culture.”

So, till the time Indian movies remain banned, Turkish drama fans get to watch Turkish films and who knows, the cinemas continue to play them if the films earn popularity in Pakistan.



Vaneeza Fatima