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Characterization is indeed very necessary in every play. Every character is very important which contributes in driving the play from top to bottom. Variety of characters in a play is very important in order to attract audience. When a writer design characters for the story, He/she pay special attention towards the fact that for which purpose they are designing characters. We all know that not every character will give a positive vibe and not all characters will give a negative vibe and even some characters changed from positive to negative and negative to positive in a story. So there is a huge responsibility on actors/actresses to understand the nature of character before performing and in my opinion the successful actors/actresses are those ones who can blend themselves very well according to the nature of characters and should be able to bend and conform themselves according to the situation because many actors/actresses lacks when a twist comes in a play and they are failed to conform themselves according to the scenario.

Characters also throws messages for example the character of AFZAL in drama Pyaray Afzal throws a strong message of honesty and faith. So where writers write positive and negative characters they also write some irritating characters and their purpose is to irritate audience normally these types of characters can be found when actors are playing negative characters. Sometimes writers include irritation in negative characters and sometimes when actors are performing negative characters they themselves make the character irritating through their bad performance and acting.

So I have made a list of some irritating characters that were and are being shown in dramas:

Faraz of Ankahi: I know that this character is a lead character alongside taimoor and sana’s character but honestly speaking I found this character very irritating, on few occasions this character was good. I have watched the drama ankahi on internet so I have an option available that every time this man comes in a scene I have forwarded those scenes. I guess for specifically that purpose Haseena Moin have written this character because if you have noticed he was after sana in a quite irritating manner. This character was well performed by Javiad Sheikh.


Sheena of Dhoop Kinarey: I simply hate this lady in this drama, oh and the screeching voices she had made while crying I got no choice but to forward her scenes. She had given Zoya really tough times in order to get Dr Ahmer and literally while watching this drama I felt that I should strangle her. This character is portrayed to irritate people and Badar Khalil had played this character really well.


Fiza of Daam: This drama is absolutely a gem by Umera Ahmed and I consider it as one the best plot by Umera Ahmed because it is a different story from her usual trend to show marital affairs, evil husbands and mother in laws. Like me I am sure many people are irritated by the character of Fiza because the way she had made plans to destroy Zara and Junaid lives and in the end she was quite successful in it. Despite debut performance Sanam saeed was successful to irritate people through her negative character, indeed a great job by Sanam saeed.


Tabinda of Shehr e Zaat: Young smart business man salman running his father’s factory fell in love with an uneducated and unattractive woman Tabinda despite having a beautiful and modern wife Falak. Surely bangali baba’s love potion worked fine on salman, I should have recommended falak to do so as well. Tabinda is a perfect example of an irritated character but the good thing is that she had appeared less in this drama. The whole drama was not appealing to me despite having a brilliant story and a good cast. Anyways Nadia Afgan is another talented lady who performs supporting roles very well.


Faiqa (Aarzoo’s mother) in Kankar: This drama is nothing but another set of petty issue by Umera Ahmed showing “mazloom aurtein” that’s it. The whole drama revolves around marriages and marriages but overall this drama was interesting as conspiracies were made against Kiran and Kiran fought against those conspiracy with such bravery that’s why everyone was telling her “Kiran tum buhat bahadur ho”. Amongst conspiracy makers the biggest conspirator was Aarzo’s mother Faiqa, who have not just tried to destroy Kiran’s married life but also destroyed Kiran’ elder sister Erum’s first engagement. This character seems irritating to me since first episode and it becomes more irritating episode by episode. Sabahat Bukhari is another good senior actress.


Khizar of Humsafar: As this is a top rated drama so this character is also a top rated Irritating character. As soon as this character had made an entry in the drama I got a feeling that it will destroy Ashar and Khirad’s life and that’s what exactly happened. Not only we had found this character irritating but Khizar had created Irritation too in the drama, he had literally pissed off Sara like a hell. My sympathies are for sure with Sara.

khizar.jpg 1

Zeni of Aik Nayee Cinderella: Those who have watched this drama which is a modern retelling of Cinderella story, then surely you have hated zeni and felt like to kill her. This character was nothing but a pure headache and I forwarded many scenes of Zeni and Mayer. Although in the middle of drama Mayer discovers that Meesha was the one whom he met her in a ship but I guess it would be better if he would have moved on with Zeni. Thank God in the end Meesha rejected Mayer because of his cowardly behaviour and embraced Rooman’s love. Eshita Mehboob’s Character plus her acting made this character irresistible any ways Eshita is a good actress when playing positive roles.


Nigar of Zindagi Gulzar Hai: She was Murtaza’s second wife and most irritating and typical wife I have ever seen whose only work is to investigate about Rafia and her daughters and to pray that nothing happens good in their life. This character is specifically written to irritate people and Shazia Afghan had performed this character beautifully.

shazia afghan

Natasha and Rana of Aasmano pe Likha: There are tons of irritating characters in this drama and this drama was nothing but to receive tensions in the name of Natasha and Rana. Rana’s character was same like Nigar in Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Natasha got no job but to scream on Aaliyan every time. I wonder why Aaliyan was tolerating her even at the end he didn’t want Natasha to go away from his life. Natasha’s character is another perfect example of Irritating character. Sanam Ch had done a perfect job her acting was good and you know Saba Faisal she is an extremely talented senior actress.

natasha and rana

Meenu of Meri Zindagi Hai Tu: This character was specifically written by Faiza Iftikhar to Irritate people at highest point even people are commenting that Thanks God she died as she is a “Kebab ki Haddi” in Aman’s and Nazo’s life. The success of this character is that people will get irritated by it and so Maya is successful in playing this character.


Hamnah and Nabeel’s mother in Muhabbat Subah Ka sitara Hai: Another drama with tons of Irritating Characters in it but my most votes go to Hamnah who played the role of Nabeel’s sister and her husaband. Indeed Nabeel’s mother is also Irritating but Hamnah and her husband tops the Irritation list because of Hira Tareen’s flop acting and the guy performing her husband role is also very immature in acting.


So which character is irritating in the dramas that you have watched or watching?