Is Hania Amir Doing A Big Bang Project

Hania Amir has recently posted her picture on Instagram along with the caption ” Resting I might faint but working face ” .

On which Fahad Mustafa has replied, ” Chalo shoot karo ”
Hania replied back “jee Sir”.
Screenshot 20190924 005628

It seems that she is working in a Big Bang production or she is working alongside Fahad Mustafa.

Also Fahad Mustafa, in jeeto Pakistan said ” Hania is now a mature actress and can be my heroine. When we did Na Maloom Afraad 2 she was too young to be playing heroine ”

Yes at that time Hania Amir was too young. Well we can see them together in future only if they do a project together.

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Here are the pictures of the Duo together.
Screenshot 20190924 004557

Screenshot 20190924 004608

Screenshot 20190924 004731

Screenshot 20190924 004849