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Is Naveen Waqar All Set To Start Over Again?

Naveen Waqar was a big sensation after Hamsafar. She played her role well and made the viewers look forward to see more of her but then her marriage with Azfar changed everything. She became the other woman and people saw her as the girl she played in Hamsafar in real life too. The criticism against this couple was so strong that for more than a year they went in hiding only to be back with their own sitcom. When people started warming up to them Salma, who was Azfar’s ex-wife started talking openly about her divorce and once again Naveen and Azfar’s relationship was questioned by many. Few weeks back the news of their divorce hit everyone hard. People criticized Azfar more than they did Naveen.

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It looks like Naveen Waqar has put the past behind her and she wants to start all over again. She refused to talk about her marriage and divorce saying it is her personal matter but this picture from her latest photo shoot shows that she wants people to see her as the lively woman she once was and not as a victim. Naveen is pretty, stylish and talented. She has been seen in a number of dramas this year.

Babar Zaheer did Naveen’s hair and make-up for this photo shoot which was shot by M.Sami. This is the only picture that has been revealed so far but there is a good reason why people say that a picture is worth a thousand words!!


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