Farwa Ki ABC – Last Episode

What a beautiful happy ending – this was definitely the best way to end this play. Right till the end none of the viewers were sure who they wanted to see Farwa with and no one wanted to see Sir Mustansar or Gogi getting hurt too. This was the only way to ensure everyone’s happiness and although Farwa and Gogi had so much in common but sometimes it takes people with opposite personalities to make a marriage work. Gogi’s character and Ahmed Hassan’s flawless acting yet again was a show stealer. Ahmed Hassan is immensely talented; making people laugh is a tough job but he makes it look like it is absolutely no problem making people laugh over and over again. Gogi’s character was etched-out brilliantly too but non of the other actors who do comic roles could have carried it with the “grace” with this man did – he made a very annoying character extremely likeable. The explanation which Gogi gave Farwa made a lot of sense. It is true that these two had been playing games ever since they met and someone needed to sit down and think if they could continue playing these games their whole life or it was time to end everything here. Gogi’s decision to end everything and Sir Mustansar’s confession of love changed everything. Gogi’s meeting with Farwa’s parents and all the other scenes in this episode with Gogi were hilarious as usual.

Right from the get-go we were shown that Farwa felt belittled when people who loved her compared her with Asma. Asma of course was always right – the perfect child and Farwa on the other hand could not do anything right. Knowing that for Mustansar Farwa was far more important than Asma was what changed Farwa’s mind. She could not spend the rest of her life with someone who would always think that Asma was better than her. Later on, the scene in the end when Mustansar told Asma that she was wrong about Farwa boosted her confidence even more. Farwa needed someone like that in her life who would value her and make her feel like she was someone special too. Adnan Jaffer was the perfect choice for playing the role of Mustansar, he always manages to give every role he plays his best. Sonia Hussain outshone in a different character and I hope that she keeps on experimenting with different roles.

I must say that I felt like Asma owed Junaid an apology or it would have been good to see Junaid taking a stand for himself in the end. It was an absolute delight to watch Gogi and Silky joining the happy family in the end. Tanveer’s relationship with everyone he worked for was shown superbly right till the end. There were time especially in the beginning when I felt like Tanveer was being given a lot more screen time than he should have been given but later on when the story unfolded the viewers found out that Tanveer would play a major role in turning things around. Asma Ghaznavi’s character started off as an interesting one but later on it became a little too negative. I wish we saw some positive aspects of Asma’s personality because her obsession with making Farwa feel bad about who she was wasn’t pleasant to watch. She was always trying to prove Farwa wrong and herself right, right till the end.

The play would have been even better had it ended a little earlier because the last few episodes were repetitive. Overall, it was a very entertaining play in which we got to see some of the best performances by all the actors involved. Ahmed Hassan was definitely the star of this serial and Sonia Hussain played her role really well too. It was great to see Pari Hashmi and Yasir Mazhar in roles different from what they are usually seen doing on television. The title however still has me confused. The conversation between Gogi and Farwa suggested that Gogi was the one teaching Farwa the ABCs of life all this time but it definitely did not seem that way. Farwa did not learn anything in the entire serial, she was only happy in the end because she found the right person to spend the rest of her life with.

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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