Jami VS Sohail Javed Continues In The Court

So, a heated debate has been going on among Sohail Javed and Jami since Sohail filed a defamation suit on him. So, it started when Jami read a letter written by a 19-year-old girl who had faced harassment and rape at the hands of a well-known director at the Lahooti Melo. The letter did not name any names, neither of the victim nor of the criminal. But a few days back, Sohail Javed dragged Jami to court over the letter saying that Jami has false;y accused him of sexual harassment.

Jami VS Sohail Javed Continues In The Court

Jami’s legal team has also taken up the case and released a statement after the court hearing asserting that Jami will:

contest legal proceedings against him, with full fervour as the Court passed an interim order dated 26.03.2019 for both the parties to maintain status quo.”

The statement further said that the court also observed that no names were named in the social media post about the crime. Sohail Javed, on the other hand, thinks that the allegation was a direct hit on him as he spoke to Express Tribune:

“Let me be very clear on this: I will not drop the case. We have been asked to maintain status quo. I’m just practising my legal right. The other party is claiming that there weren’t any names taken but it was a very direct hit.”

The next hearing of the case is on 6th April. Let’s see how it moves forward!


Pakeeza Dar