Jannat Mirza Gave A Fitting Reply To Haters

Tik Toker Jannat Mirza made it public that she is leaving Pakistan and settling in Japan because off the mentality of people in Pakistan.

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She received a lot of backlash on this decision, Replying to all the haters she uploaded couple of Instagram stories.

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Jannat Mirza through her Instagram stories conveyed a heart felt message. She said that she had no idea that a each and every sentence that came out of her mouth will become headline of every channel.

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She said that sarcastically that people are sending her so much love after she talked about settling in Japan that she couldn’t sleep at night.

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She threw shades at the double standards of our society saying that at first people give so much love and fame to someone and when one gets famous, they leave no stone un-turn to put them down. Its not fame people are simply pushing that person towards depression.

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Criticizing the haters she said that bashing tok tokers in comments section won’t let you get you closer to Allah. First look to yourself make yourself a better Muslim and then criticize someone else.

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