Javed Sheikh On His Upcoming Film ‘Wujood’ & Revival Of Pakistani Cinema

Javed Sheikh who is a man of many talents, has been an integral part of the industry for several decades. He has been working in local and Indian films simultaneously for years and has a long list of big screen projects to his credit.

Ever since the revival of Pakistani cinema, Javed Sheikh has appeared in a number of films. The most recent addition to the list of films he’s directing as well as producing is ‘Wujood’.

Speaking to Instep, Javed Sheikh said, “I’m making a film called Wajood. Half of the film has already been shot while the remaining part will be shot in Turkey starting from next month. It’ll be ready by June and I plan to release it on Eid-ul-Azha.”

Wajood stars Danish Taimoor in the lead role while some of industry’s most prominent names are also attached to the project. It features Ali Saleem, Nadeem Baig and Frieha Altaf in pivotal roles while Javed too will make an appearance in the film.

Sheikh attends almost all of the films’ premieres as well as trailer and music launches to show his support for local cinema. Sharing his thoughts on the subject, he noted, “I’ve been supporting all the newcomers for so many years. I’m a part of the revival. I started that revival in 2002 when I made Yeh Dil Apka Huwa almost 15 years back.”

Rimsha Butt