Highly Disappointing: Junaid Jamshed’s Family Forced To Pay Bribe To Get His Death Certificate

Last year, we lost the voice of Pakistan’s youth, Junaid Jamshed, the man our generation grew up listening to. The singer turned preacher died in an unfortunate plane crash along with other people on-board. His sudden demise had left us appalled.

But what happened recently has shocked us once again, Junaid Jamshed’s former Vital Signs band member Salman Ahmed revealed something, which is highly disappointing.

So, Junaid Jamshed’s family was forced to pay bribe just to get his death certificate and that too after 2 and a half months. Is this what he deserved? This is surely something really very disappointing and the level of corruption in Pakistan is cringe-worthy. The government really needs to take an action!

He’s the man who gave us Dil Dil Pakistan and painted a beautiful image of Pakistan with his preaching. With the memories of the tragic incident still fresh in our minds, something like this has truly left us heart broken.

Rimsha Butt