Javeria Saud Shows Upper Portion of Her Bungalow

Pakistani TV actress and producer Javeria Saud has started her YouTube channel recently. The very first content that Javeria Saud is offering to her viewers is in the form of House Tour series which she is posting in different parts. In the latest released episode on her channel, Javeria Saud’s showed the upper portion of her bungalow and explained that they opted for floral theme in this entire portion. She showed the living room where her family spends most of the time as well as the kitchen which is mainly used in her home. Javeria also took everyone inside her children; Jannat and Ibrahim’s bedrooms and ended the episode after showing a private TV lounge where they conduct movie nights with their kids. Javeria Saud continued to say that she will now show her bedroom in the next part which will be released soon. 

The Living Room and Kitchen

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Ibrahim’s Bedroom

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Jannat’s Bedroom and Bathroom

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Family Entertainment Room

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  • Muthaida(musharraf Section) sey itna paissa milla oor is paisay ko lloot kar palace banaya… shame on these looters Naib please see and ask them how they get this and luxury life..

  • Kitna paisa tax bacha ke pakistanis apni life mein lagate hai. Aur yeh kaisa ghar banaya hai. Maaf karein sari mein dard bhi ho sakta hai. Manna padega review it bhi ab bekar inconsequential cheezo ko dikhana aur badhava de raha hai

  • height of show off.. her videos hav enough material for normal people to get shock.. itni luxury dekh k ajeeb nausea hota hai.. i mean isko bananay mai jo inho ne lagaya wo i think matter nai par jo is sb ko maintain krne mai energies,paisa ,time lagta hoga is kind of waste i think.. unnatural n artificial lifestyle

  • Faimly entertainment room was decent but kitchen crockery look purchasing from itwar Bazar just a way to earn money

  • This happens when noveau rich gets filthy money. Pardon but everything looks super cheap and gawdy.

    And with their own faces plastered everywhere around the house shows their narcisstic personalities with a full blown ego. This is hilarious and nab or fbr should seriously investigate the whereabouts of all this.

    Less is more, elegance in simplicity and minimalism is something not known to these people.

    Confirms that money surely can’t buy class/ethics/elegance. Tsk.

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