Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 7 Story Review – The Journeys

Finally an episode which covered the journeys of all the Ehd-e-Wafa boys and promised a reunion which might not be all pleasant but it will be good to see at least 3 of them in the same frame again. The PMA scenes were covered in detail and the director Saife Hasan did exceptionally well in capturing the drilling of the cadets. A strict discipline being on top of the agenda. Shahzainโ€™s meeting with Raani did not change anything and even dada gave in to the pressure. This episode definitely had a lot more to offer than the previous one – Dua and Saadโ€™s meeting, Shehryar, the topper playing the band (somewhat sad) but it was good to see him being a responsible son and Shariq trying to get somewhere in life. The last scene and the preview of the next episode definitely gave me a reason to look forward to the next episode. Gulzar is an interesting addition to the drama and ironically Saad yet again has another friend because of whom he keeps on getting into trouble! One thing is for sure, Dua means more to Saad than any of his friends ever did and the OST in the background suggested that this was the bond he valued the most even though he never really talked to Dua up until now.

Raani and Shahzain

This was yet another episode of Ehd-e-Wafa which opened with Raani and Shahzain’s scenes. Shahzain’s reaction when he saw Raani suggested that he liked her but then he went on with telling her why they couldn’t get married. Raani putting on that lipstick was the most funny bit. Some of the dialogues were funny while others were not witty enough. This was probably the first time that Shahzain looked nervous, a rare sight for sure! I didn’t quite understand why all of a sudden Shahzain felt that way since otherwise he is always in control of the situation. Zara Noor Abbas definitely took the lead in these scenes. The scene covering Raani and her friend was slightly long and not too amusing. I was hoping that Shahzain would fall for Raani and decide to marry her but so far this is a case of one-sided ‘love’.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 7 Story Review - The Journeys

Saad and Gulzar

Saad and Gulzar’s scenes covered few weeks of the boys in the PMA and their first real ‘test’. While Saad passed with flying colors, Gulzar failed badly but the good thing was that his sense of humor and vibrant personality was not affected by this failure. Saad was shown as a disciplined and dedicated cadet in this episode as well. The way their training was covered showed exactly what the boys go through in the academy. There were strict rules and anyone who did not abide by them got the most severe punishment. Saad seemed extremely focused throughout and there were times when he was a little too serious. It was therefore good to see a different side of him when he was with Dua. Ahad Raza Mir looked a lot like the young Asif Raza Mir in his new look. The actor playing Gulzar’s role owns his character completely, he is a natural. I loved the dialogues of the ‘staff’ and he gave a solid performance.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 7 Story Review - The Journeys

Saad and Dua

It won’t be wrong to say that Saad is a completely different person when he is around Dua. Saad comes across as an introvert sometimes who only opens up when he wants to. Dua and Saad’s interactions were cute since Dua finally warmed up to him. I am wondering if they will be exchanging numbers anytime soon since these chance meetings scenario is getting repetitive. This meeting ended with Dua telling him about the proposal, waiting to see how Saad will respond once he finds out that Shahzain sent that proposal. Ahad Raza Mir has done a good job of transitioning from a more focused serious Saad to a playful and candid one.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 7 Story Review - The Journeys

Shariq and Shehryar

Ahmed Ali Akbar and Wahaj Ali performed brilliantly tonight. Their superb performances are one of the main reasons why I would like to see them on screen more often. Ahmed Ali Akbar’s expressions when he was sitting in that van were priceless and so meaningful! I felt for Shehryar, he deserves a better and brighter future. Shariq on the other hand was shown trying hard to get somewhere and it seems like he eventually found a way but the preview of the next episode suggested that he might have to play a big price for taking this road. Both these boys are intelligent, driven and dedicated. They have clearly come a long way in terms of taking responsibilities therefore I am hoping that the viewers will eventually see them making it big.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 7 Story Review - The Journeys

Final Remarks

Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa covered a great deal and I am hoping that the writer will keep all the boys in the picture in the future too. I must say however that I couldn’t help but wonder how amazing it would have been if Shariq and Shehryar too were in the PMA with Saad. Will Shehryar knock some sense in to Shahzain? Waiting to find out!

Did you watch the latest episode of Ehd-e-Wafa? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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  • Was waiting for your review Fatima. Finally its here and you said everything that was in my mind. Your reviews are reader friendly so easy to understand and I love the detail in this one especially. Shahzain has lost it completely. I also felt for sheheryar, like you said if he was in PMA it would be so good. Shariq should stay alive, would hate to see him have a tragic ending so soon or ever for that matter. You always voice my thoughts Fatima. Thank you so very much for these honest well penned down reviews.

    • Aww thanks a ton Sadia for all the appreciation, means a lot to me. So good to know that we are on the same page. You’re most welcome. Loved your comment and thanks a ton for the kind words.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • Great review Fatima!!
    I liked today’s episode too but I can’t understand why Sheheryar and Shariq are given only 3 or 4 minutes screen time while Shahzain is getting even more than Saad. For me his track is completely boring. Also, I wanted to know how did Shariq get a job as a journalist there as he has only done FSc? Is it possible?

  • I liked this episode. I think story is moving too fast especially in first few episodes. They should have taken 2 more episodes just to show the bond and then the rift between saad and shahzain would have been more convincing. Shahzain taking it so seriously came across a little surprising. By showing just that horse killing scene wasn’t enough to show us how angry can he get. I will be honest OKB’s look is putting me off. He didn’t cut his hair because of Surkh chandani. I think this project was big enough to change your look otherwise they should have casted someone else. I seriously hate this unprofessionalism. OKB needs to think about this as well. It’s very rare that i am criticizing a drama for going really fast. Although today’s episode and promo looked really promising so i think it will kick off. Btw that van scene of Ahmad Ali Akbar has already become a meme…๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    Ahad Raza Mir is so talented and he nails it quite easily…
    This episode was really good and your review is perfect

    • I agree with you about OKB, his acting and looks both are off putting. Haha acha, his expressions in that scene were exceptional. Yes, Ahad is a really good actor. Thanks a ton for liking the review and for sharing your views here Ahsan, I appreciate it.

    • Yeah. I am checking everyday for its review. I hope someone reviews it soon. Its a farhat ishtiaque show and its looking so good.

  • Wonderful episode! Liked it. Liked their performances as well. Incl. Saads. Nice scenes of the army. Not a fan of dua character but otherwise nice

  • I’m yet to watch this episode, will be watching it in lunch time (I’m a slow eater so I play some episode while eating so that I don’t get bored ๐Ÿ˜‚). Your reviews are always up to mark and so is this one. I was wondering if I’m the only one who is finding Dua’s father too young? He doesn’t look much old though.
    Aur I had to tell you that Deewar e Shab ki Aliya Bukhari nay 50 episodes likhi Hain. It is going to be the longest 8 pm prime time serial of Hum tv (Beating Alif Allah aur Insaan).

    • @shorbaan really is deewar e shab is gonna run so long. That’s why the pace of the serial is so slow. Did not expect this.

      • Yess. Actually it does have a very complex story because of a lot of characters. Abhi kuch characters introduce b hony Hain. Salar’s step mother and his past, a character Named Zari (not sure if it will be a part of drama), Saeeda, Batool and Sajid (the kid who is not allowed by his father to study) tou story kafi lmbi chalni. I hope they cut unnecessary scenes and make it shorter than 50 episodes because waiting for 50 weeks is a task.

  • Nice review. Good point abt Saad getting in trouble coz of his friend… What we are trying to escape chases us… Yes, a bit weird jowbduabis more important to hinnthanbhis friends… I don’t think du aknew it was shahzain who sent… She was under the impression Saad did until he clarified. Agree… ‘Staffs performance was superb. Jaan daal di usne un training scenes mein. Was amazing.

  • The director and screenwriters are, in a way, very “CHALAAK” as I observed that they are mostly showing the ‘charming’ view of every profession :-D . For example, the punishment given to the cadets are not so light as shown (plus no ISSB, Haha).
    Moreover, Dua reached the medical college without even a mention of the Medical Entry Test which is a horrible wall between every bright student and the medical college (I feel it because I am an MBBS student myself ;-) ).
    By the way, the acting of Saad, Dua and especially Shehryar is amazing. Loving this drama.

    • Yeah true also time frame is not nicely depicted because Saad, Dua and Shehryar are in college and Shariq has become a journalist (working for 6 months) in newspaper office. Journalism is a 4 year degree program even summer internships can not be longer than 3-4 months in Pakistan. so it is bizarre to see that how they are ignoring our educational systems just to progress the story.

  • Nice review
    Episode was good as all four of them were present in this episode but not equally. Shariq and shehyaar scene was good. I hope we get more of them. They need to tell what shehyaar is doing? Is he doing simple BA/Bsc or studying something else and what about shariq? What about his result? Why he is not studying further? Raani and shahzain scenes were fine. I always enjoyed Raani scenes. She adds energy and fun in the serial just like gulzar. Gulzar is a interesting and entertaining character. His scenes are also treat to watch. I wish k writer inn charoon ko army (PMA) bhej dety aur wahan inki story dekhni ko milti. That would be interesting to watch bcoz i miss their friendship. I like the character of shahzain’s dada. I am looking forward to coming episodes.

    • Thank you so much Omm e Nida for reading the review and for liking it. I agree, waiting to find out those details. Zara Noor Abbas is super as Raani. Hena maza aa jata phr tu. I miss it too.

      Appreciate your feedback.

  • Salam FA! I was waiting for the review then i slept. Review is good as always.

    First of all, i loved dua and saad scene truly. Their chemistry is extremely loveable, i guess. Sahad rocks but this one’s cute too.
    Raani was very amusing. U know Fatima? I feel the bushra Ansari, asma abbas, vibes. Zara has done brilliant job.
    Shehryar and shariq got less screen time. But i definitely want to see more of them.
    Gulzar Hussain is awesome. I just love his character.

    • Waelukum Asalam AH, Thanks a ton for waiting for the reviews and for the valuable feedback. So true AH, I agree Zara has the same energy but somehow I did not like her in Parey Hut Love, she didn’t have that presence of the big screen. Same here, definitely want to see more of them.

  • This was such a cute episode. Before anything else i just want to make it clear for whoever reads my comment, shehryar joined band for only one day( a lot of people on Twitter also have this confusion). I think he is doing Bsc. Also, it is not necessary that who tops board would get in to army also. 820 marks wala gulzar bhi pma jasakta ha aor board main second anay wala saad bhi. ISSB criteria is totally different. Sharik and shehryar may not fall on that criteria. Infact, i really like how they are promoting other professions also. Sharik and shehryar are hardworking boys and I’m sure one day they’ll be at a very good place. Pma scenes were really well shot. Full marks to saife hassan. I also like the background music in the pma scenes. The person playing gulzar and ahad raza mir are truly phenomenal. I think we are not appreciating them enough for their performance. Let’s not forget apart from acting they had to undergo a lot physical training which isn’t easy.
    Raani- shahzain track is getting boring. Even raani’s dialogues weren’t impressive and you are right her scene with her friend was stretched out for no reason. I really want this track to close and focus to shift on sharik and shehryar.
    In the next episode i think saad will behave nicely with shehryar( i hope) bcz shery was talking about tabdeeli in his behavior.
    Oh and saad and dua were very cute together. Saad is definitely a different person when he is around dua but one thing is established saad is a very shy person. Even in that scene he was just smiling and smiling, i don’t think he looked at dua’s face properly for even once. Baray arsay bad koi sharmeela hero daikha ha dramas main.
    P.s. i kept waiting for ye dil mera’s review last week. Will it be reviewed here?

    • Interesting insights like always Javeria. Yes of course, I guess we all know that about PMA but basically it would have been good to see the actor and the character more often on screen and if he was in PMA he would get more screen time. They are getting a lot of appreciation and rightly so too, everyone is praising Gulzar and even Ahad. You’re right about the physical exertion bit, I was thinking just that, mushkil!

      Enjoyed reading your comment Javeria, keep reading and commenting.

      About YDM, that’ll be reviewed after IZN ends.

  • And yes fatima, i dont like usman’s body language, and his stiff, stone acting. Dont know i am right or wrong but i dont like his posture may be its natural and he can’t change or may be its role requirement but sometimes its looks like he is made up of stones.

  • Wonderful review. What a nice episode after a stressful day at work. Saad and Dua scenes were nice. The tea dialogue was great along with the strict training. I think Shariq trying to make a video will get in trouble. Shazain may sacrifice studies for family. A whole week of waiting now for the next episode!
    BTW I hope the site rules change and more dramas are reviewd. Yeh dil mera looked great and I would like to read reviews of more dramas just to know what happens in the story as some are not worth watching. Better to read reviews and find out what happened.

    • Thank you so much SM. The tea dialogue was my favorite even when the promos aired, fantastic indeed ;)

      SM I appreciate your feedback but we don’t make the site rules therefore all I can do is forward your request to the admin.

      Keep reading and commenting.

      • Hey Fatima, I am not sure how true it is but I have read that this drama may be delayed. The shooting was not completed plus Ahad and Wahaj are down with Dengue fever. That is definitely not good news!
        I wish them a speedy recovery

  • Loved the entire episode.As usual Ahad rocks.His chemistry with Dua is also nice… they look good together though sahad is beyond compare.

  • Is it just me or Dua’s parents have changed ? I think her father was a different actor in first episode. Or his looks has changed? But I found both of them different. Thanks for the review. If all of them has entered PMA, it would’ve been a treat to watch. Let’s see what Mustafa Afridi has in mind.

  • Though I do not agree with Saad prolong arrogance towards his friends, I am very much obliged to him for slapping Shahzain once and now I am wiating for Dua to repeat the history. Baqi jo is banday aur us ki family ne dramay ka tiyya pancha kiya huya hai, ham to isay marney se rahay. Good to see their “izzat ka janaza” by Dua parents.

    Her dramay ka lagat hai last scene hee buhut effective hai. ;) Kaheen bicharrna to kaheen milna. Both young leads in this drama were looking cute at Bus Station, esp the million dollar smile of Saad. Lekin kabab main hadhi (Shahzain) next episode main aani hi.

    Btw, yaaroan ki yari ka gana boys dostoan k milney pe acha lagay ga na k larka larki k milney pe. Let’s see ye dost kab miltey hain and give some entertaning visuals to enjoy again.

    • LOL Interesting comment like always Urs. Yes true, that OST it seemed was always for the boys’ friendship but ab kuch aur lg raha hei.

      Haha yes true about the last scene.

  • I always enjoy reading your reviews fatima :).
    BUT I HAVE TO SAY I DON’T LIKE SAAD AND DUA ONE BIT. The way saad cares about dua more than anyone else is disgusting to watch…….I stopped watching this drama many weeks ago…..because there is an overdose of saad, dua, raani and shahzain…..not interested in any of their stories……..shariq and shahryar who have better stories to offer are treated like chopped liver……for me personally this drama is the biggest disappointment of the season….and why do they play the ost of this drama when saad and dua are shown on screen….i thought the ost was about the promise of loyalty in friendship….they should have just shown o.k.b and a.r.m in the intro because it seems like the drama is about them and their love life….the other two were just added as glorified sidekicks which is a shame because their stories are way better than the other two loser heroes. AND I’M DONE VENTING AGAIN :D …..


    • Thank you for liking the review, please look out for yourself and don’t watch the show (since it is making you throw up) LOL!! We all have a problem with the screen time so agree with you about that.

      I am glad you took that out of your system ;)

  • Yess i so agree this episode was the best post episode 3. Finslly got to see shariq and sheryaar! I want to see more and more of them and as less as rani and shahzain as possible. I loved the pma scenes. This guy gulzar is tooo good. The last scene was the cutestt. Saad and dua look really cute. Really looking forward to the next episode but koi shariq ko bacha looo

    • Hena, same here Fatima, it is definitely better when all the boys get more screen time. Yes,the last scene was cute. Yes please, hopefully Shariq will survive this. Love Wahaj’s performance.

      Thank you so much for reading the reviews and commenting Fatima.

  • Our men in uniform are thorough gentlemen having professional repute so fail to understand the character of shahzain in such a play within new born struggling officers in armed services. Horse Killing chaseing Saad’s love of life looks so weired even to think about. It was way better had he married beautiful Raani and maintained his feudal setup alone that character is very unpredictable all others are doing well. Nice play. Thanks fatima for the review.

    • Interesting insights MR. You’re most welcome. I agree with you, Shahzain’s character is unpredictable. Thank you so much for sharing your views here, I appreciate your feedback.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • I thought this episode was a lot better than the previous 6. Shahzain was totally cancelled for me after that horrifying horse murder (where the fudge did that even come from writers? way too angst)`, but I still have hope for him after his brief nalike convo with Raani haha. I think that they’re a good match and I absolutely love Raani (slay queen) but if Shahzain stays on this revenge/downhill track he better move the hell away from Raani because my Queen deserves so much more (what she lacks in brains, she makes up with her personality)! Ngl, Dua is not my favorite, I thought she was absolutely cringey with her over-exaggerated acting and expression and still do but I’m slowly warming up to her and Saad. Thought their encounter in this episode was mildly cute like you said Fatima Ahad Raza Mir transforming into playful Saad was good and in my opinion, he was the one that brought a soulful/uplifting touch/feel to the meeting. I love his acting! Gulzhar is big big mood, Saad doesn’t know it but having a friend like him in such a strict environment is soooo lit! Adding his character has definitely enhanced the drama for me. As for the other guys’ stories I agree, it would have been really cool if they joined the army too and it feels like such a loss to the storyline but oh well. I hope we see a balanced amount of all 4 of their stories.
    My lil thoughts haha.

    • Loved reading your thoughts Eeman, straight from the heart;) I love how you gave all these characters those cool names. So glad you’re watching this one, hope to hear from you every week.

  • I never watch drams but this one is realy good one to watch on my GEM on trademill.usallay
    Our drama is fighting divorce etc
    Loctions is best all the actor is perfect one looking is week.
    I shows my american Friends in my Office he was v impresed to see .
    Thnk u all Keep doing good pakistan.

  • Was waiting for ur review since 10 yesterday… Just read it and I must say once again sister u have penned donemy thoughts about EeW in the most elaborative manner๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. Today’s ep was definitely better than the previous ones, especially the last scene btw Saad and Dua. Alizeh Shah’s acting skills have definitely improved from the 1st ep . However, I had some difficulty in understanding the dialogues of the ‘Staff’. I know the senior army officers speak in a very hurried manner but for the convenience of the audience the conversation should have been done in a more ‘understandable’ way. Other than that … Great ep ๐Ÿ‘.

    Fatima, just read abt the new policy of .. I must say I am a bit disappointed.. reviewing only 2 dramas per person steals away the opportunity to review standard drama like Yeh Dil Mera and Deewar e Shab. Is there any chance of any reversal of such a policy?

    • Thank you so much brother for waiting for the reviews and liking them, means a lot to me. I enjoyed the staff scenes, very PMA like but you’re right they could have added subtitles perhaps.

      I know Ibrahim but it seems like for now it won’t be reversed. Appreciate your feedback and concern. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Great review fatima thank god this episode was much better and the drama is getting interesting now . I was waiting to see all the guys in one episode , i hope all the friends meet again . Army Training is the best part of the drama .

  • Nice review, it was a nice episode, but I have an unpopular opinion, I forwarded all army training scenes, they were boring for me. And this week, for a change I enjoyed Shahzen and rani scenes.I like Ahad’s scenes with Doa, there is nothing new in it, but still its cute and fIm not liking Ahad’s friend that much.

    Nice to see a few scenes about the other 2 friends, overall I think those 2 are more like supp actors, the main story will be on ahad and shahzen and their relationship with each other.

  • I think the scene of saad dua was cute. This episode was better as compared to the last. PMA scenes are nothing as compared to alpha bravo charlie and suhehray din.

  • Hey Fatima I loved reading your reviews for the episodes so far. Up till now as xox said, personally I’m not a huge fan of the Saad and Dua scenes.
    Actually I deeply dislike Dua as a character. But I can’t seem to understand why.
    I think Rani is a much more interesting and stronger character than Dua.
    How do you feel about the female characters in this drama? Really interested in your opinion.

    • Hello Ambereen. Thanks a ton for liking the reviews, means a lot to me. LOL!! Yes, I am not a fan either. I feel Dua and Saad together are cute but Dua’s character is confusing and doesn’t have much going for it. Noori is funny especially because of the way Zara Noor has translated the character on screen. She is definitely way better than Dua, no comparison there. I feel the female leads so far are there for entertainment purposes only and Dua in particular doesn’t even have a proper personality.