Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 21 Story Review – Flawless Performances

Opening Thoughts – Brilliant:

Oh wow, what a brilliant, interesting & happening episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb. I am so glad that the pace of this drama has remained perfect throughout & now with the drama in its final stages, all the episodes have so much to offer & are covering all the characters & their tracks, simply superb. This episode like the previous episode was perfect & so engaging. Farooq Rind should be very proud of himself & Hashim Nadeem too. Ishq Zahe Naseeb is the kind of drama that has not been seen by the audience before & the popularity of it is not only well-deserved but gives a message to all the other drama-makers that the audience is oh-so ready to watch dramas like these. Ishq Zahe Naseeb keeps you engaged & keeps you guessing as well. Once again, this episode ended hinting about some ‘raaz’ & no, I am not thinking about it…but yes, I think I am.

Sameer’s Mental State:

The highlight of this episode was definitely Gauhar & Sameer’s engagement. This commitment is difficult for Gauhar, it has been shown right from the beginning but I loved how they gave an insight into all the emotions that Sameer was going through – all of which was flawlessly portrayed by Zahid Ahmed. Each & every emotion, every single thought running through Sameer’s mind was clear. As much as Sameer wants to commit himself to Gauhar for the rest of his life, this transition is emotionally & mentally very difficult for him. All this while Sameer has stayed in his comfort zone, being Sameer & Sameera – with no one to question him or the existence of his other personality but now, as much as he is ready for the next phase of his life, he is finding it hard to accept that things are going to change for him. As much as Sameer is happy, he is equally upset & sad because he knows that Gauhar is going to replace Sameera – this is something that he has opted for himself but once again, considering how he has stayed in that bubble for years, it is absolutely natural for him to feel a little threatened. The way Sameer looked at the engagement ring showed that while Gauhar had all the things running through her mind, for Sameer it was a lot more that he was hiding, trying to achieve & getting himself mentally prepared for the change. Sameer wants validation of Gauhar, he has always shown that eagerness to feel emotionally validated & now when things are finally shaping up in Sameer’s favor – the Sameera in him is frightened.

Sabeeha is forced to think a lot more about the things she has done in the past. The more Sameer ignores her, the more she feels guilty. I kind of enjoyed seeing how the tables have turned, Sabeeha has always guilt-tripped Sameer to an extent where she literally controlled him completely but now just one sentence from Sameer has her feeling guilty. Sabeeha obviously is not the kind who will give up but she did look dejected & helpless – may be she has realized that the ship has sailed & she can not do anything to turn things around.

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 21 Story Review - Flawless Performances

Finally, Akbar & Gauhar’s conversation put things into perspective. Akbar is biological brother of Surraiya Begum, Sameer’s mother, which makes him Sameer’s uncle but because Ehsan didn’t want Surraiya to have anything to do with her poor family, Akbar has kept this a secret. Oh well, that dialogue immediately reminded me of the things Sameer said to Saleem. Does Sameer take it after his father – where he just wants to be with Gauhar but is also very much aware of the class difference between himself & her? Looks like Sameer can’t help it but he definitely takes it after his father, however it is nice to see that he has not once made Gauhar feel that way. I guess Sameer said all those things to Saleem to draw a line right from the beginning because he can totally see what a mooch he is.

Kashif connected the dots, he saw that the gift Donia got was picked up by Gauhar for obvious reasons. Gauhar let Kashif know that she has moved on & has now handed Kashif over to Donia & this was something that she wanted Kashif to accept as soon as he could to spare them the misery. This is what I love about Ishq Zahe Naseeb the most where without saying a word, the entire picture is painted with such beauty. Kashif knew that this was Gauhar’s way of letting him know that she is very much happy for him to be with someone else. Sameer also got the same necklace for Gauhar, which I feel was a bit too much of a coincidence which could’ve been skipped but chalo, it’s alright!

My favorite scenes of this episode hands down where those which covered Sameer’s mental state as Sameera – upset, sad, helpless, unassertive & just unable to deal with the change. It was intelligent of the writer to actually show the emotional storm that Sameer was faced with, since he has relied on Sameera & her thoughts to find solace & comfort, he was actually now getting ready to let go of it, so showing his mental state was beautiful in a way that they made us connect with Sameer’s character a lot more & made us feel for him at the same time. Simply beautiful. Those scenes did not even for a second seem disturbing, rather only made me feel sad that Sameer will have to readjust & this is something that he will get to learn alongside Gauhar – if she will accept this part of him, which is another misery & question that is at the back of Sameer’s mind!

Closing Thoughts – Perfection In Every Sense:

This was one perfect & beautiful episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb. I kind of feel sad for Sameer because it is taking a lot for him to bring Gauhar in his life & now before he will get to experience the happiness of this companionship, Jahangir will make sure to destroy it because he got a picture of Gauhar & Kashif. It was definitely nice that Gauhar got to say what was in her heart & she felt light but Kashif is obviously not going to take it the way Gauhar wants. Gauhar went to get a closure but Kashif will once again see it as an opportunity to rekindle the old affair where circumstances played a huge role in drifting them apart. I feel at this point Sameer might go a little wrong (I so hope not) because while he himself is hiding such a big secret & would expect Gauhar to be completely understanding of him, he himself won’t be able to take it when he will find out that Gauhar was involved with Kashif. Sameer keeps on asking Gauhar whether she is happy, as if he is trying to feel validated again & again. Sonya Hussyn looked absolutely gorgeous in the engagement scenes. Gauhar has learned to smile through hardships, that is why as much as she felt her heart was about to explode after her engagement to Sameer, she just smiled & had a moment to finally let it sink in that this was a reality that she had to accept. Yumna Zaidi has such short scenes but she has made all of them quite impactful with her stares & gazes. There’s so much emotion & sadness in her eyes – which actually reflects the way Sameer perceives Shakira because he knows she died a sad & tragic death. This display of emotion is so strong, convincing & absolutely beautiful. Zahid Ahmed as Sameera was beyond brilliant in this episode. I also really liked Sami Khan in the scene when Kashif finds out that Gauhar never made it to the court that day – it was like he felt a huge burden off his shoulders because all this while he held himself responsible for betraying Gauhar but now he knew they both made the same selfless decision for the sake of their families. Direction, story-telling, dialogues, vibe & the feel of all the scenes – spot on. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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  • Wow just outstanding, marvellous and amazing,,, it is really rollercoaster so many raaz to be unfolded. Wah … acting omg zahid ahmed is on another. Sonya looked too pretty especially in engagement scene. Eagerly waiting to find out how gouher will react by watching sameer, na sameera. Review is so delicious covered with every single details sister

    • Thank you so much Waqar for your kind words. It sure is a rollercoaster ride & there’s still so much to find out, one interesting journey for sure. :)

  • Very nice and well written review! Interesting to see what the coming episodes hold and how they end up finishing this story.
    You are absolutely right that producers need to experiment more and bring different/interesting concepts more often.
    Dramas like Bewafa, Thora sa Haq, mohabbat na kariyo have been done to death. I don’t know why they bring same stuff with different cast

    • Thank you so much SM. Yes, there’s still so much in store for us to see, which is going to be super intense & interesting. Yes, I hope with the popularity of Ishq Zahe Naseeb, drama-makers try to steer away from typical stories & take up some different & unique subjects to dramatize. That will be such a good change.

  • I don’t know why the director took so much long to complete the play, switching one scene to another .it will take hardly 25 min if they don’t prolonged it unnecessarily .believe me sameer, shakira and gohar are worth watching , jhangeer over actor , undigestable performance.
    To me it’s all about sameer and yumna worth watching other than that this drama is a disaster

  • PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT review of a brilliant episode. And you finally included Yumna 😀 Best ho gya
    I am getting this feeling that Sameer might die in the end. But still I believe there is so much more to his character and he’s going to make views feel for him even more. Zahid Ahmed is amazing and he deserves an award for depicting such character with perfection. Waisay am I the only one who doesn’t like Zarnish because of her over acting in previous dramas?
    And Zahra Baji main Kya soch rha tha k chalein reviews per restrictions Hain laikin comments per tou nhi. 😀 Why don’t you do one thing: Whenever you Post a review of IZN or Alif Post a mini review of any other drama you want to discuss in comments and ask the readers to discuss that mini review only in replies to that comment. I am sure that you yourself miss talking to your readers about cringe worthy dramas like JTH. This will fill the gap somewhat. Please do consider it. You should share this idea with Fatima baji too
    اللہ آپ پر اور آپ سے جڑے لوگوں پر وقت کو ہمیشہ مہربان رکھے۔ آمین

    • Thank you so much my friend for appreciating the review, I am glad you’re happy because Yumna was mentioned in the review, her performance no doubt is phenomenal. Zarnish Khan tends to go overboard I agree but her acting is suiting the role of Donia in Ishq Zahe Naseeb but yes in Jo Tu Chahay, the less said the better.

      Appka idea bohat acha hai, is pe ghaur kiya ja sakta hai. :) & yes, I do miss those fun discussions that we had about Jo Tu Chahay in dedicated reviews. :)

  • Hi Zahara, very interesting episode and very detailed and thorough review by you. My favorite two scenes are those you mentioned; the scene where Sameer trying to become Sameera and this night he is unable to do so because of his secret will soon be known by Gauhar that’s why his lipstick flown outside the lips very badly. And the scene of Kashif in restaurant after leaving Gauhar. His surprise turns to self satisfactory smile and then in a mild laugh. No one else could do this but Sami khan. He is really very talented actor on screen now a days.

    • Thank you so much Aamer for appreciating the review. Yes, these two scenes were brilliantly done. Sami Khan has definitely made a name for himself in the recent years, it is so good to see him appearing in such different roles & giving his best. Sameer’s scenes were beyond brilliant in this episode.

  • What an engaging episode and what a beautifully penned review 👍👍 . This episode contained all the necessary details which were required to clarify the plot of the story…like the scenes of Akbar and Gauhar and the flashbacks of Shakra’s character. Yumna Zaidi has nailed this character with such a finesse.. Unbelievable 👌🏼👌🏼. The scene in which Sameer was putting lipstick on his face…. and mascara was dripping from his eyes.. Uff!! Tht was so heart-wrenching 💔💔. Though this episode was comparatively slower than the previous ones, I absolutely loved the attention to the engagements which was given to this episode. A really good start to an action packed weekend 👍

    • Thank you so much Ibrahim. Yes, this episode covered a lot of important details & the scene you mentioned in which Sameer was putting on a lipstick was so dark but done so so well. I loved how they portrayed every single thought running through Sameer’s mind. Yumna Zaidi surely has given a memorable performance in Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

  • BEYOND PERFECTION…..Ishq Zahe Naseeb is one drama I look forward to the entire week….and week after week, episode after episode they are proving how magnificent of an enterprise it is! The attention to detail speaks for itself! I completely agree with Zahra about the absolute mastery of this drama when it comes to the phenomenon of SPEAKING WITHOUT WORDS….this is by far, Zahid Ahmed’s BEST role….he has given it his heart and soul….the layers of his psyche have been treated with meticulous fondness by the actor, writer and director….next in line would be Yumna Zaidi who has rendered me speechless with her powerful performance….Sonya Hussain and Sami Khan were brilliant to say the least….I like how both the engagement ceremonies were juxtaposed….the impact was out of the world! OVERALL A SENSATIONAL OFFERING!

    • Thank you Maya for sharing your insights. It sure is a brilliant drama. It is amazing how Zahid Ahmed has taken this role, owned it & did justice to it. He has been beyond brilliant & this is something that only he could do.

  • I totally I agree with your view. I really liked how Shakira’s and Sammera’s expression were same. I really felt for Sammer where u he was crying remembering Shakira. Zahid did the scene so well, u can pick his pain. Indeed Yumna nailed it as usual.
    I think that neckless was a gift from doniya, brought by Kashif’s choice.
    One thing we are sure now, regardless where sameer is physical, his scene was saamera just goes in his mind.

    PS: for the first time, I did not see your review starting without the usual words :P

    • Thank you so much Pakistani, haha yes I decided to start the review differently because this episode indeed just wowed me. :) Yes, we can totally feel Sameer’s pain & his scepticism because now he is going to make Gauhar a part of his life. Yumna Zaidi has given this character her all, she is a phenomenal actor. :)

  • Hello! I like the story /concept of this show. Your review on the +ve aspects s good. I wish you bring out the -ve aspects of the show too. Example, in this episode I found the creators did not use time well. The full OST could have been good if the scene followed were crisp. I think they should use instrumental instead of full. Sameer’s last scene was very well executed- his expression the full frame, the tears his lips lopside down like a crying baby, was all too good. Just right end of the episode. But this face and expression (may be the same scene) was shown earlier in the episode too. Thus diluting the impact. I wish Director and editor work in tandem to make this beautiful story a memorable one.

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