Alif Episode 5 Story Review – Emotions Done Right

Opening Thoughts – Emotions Done Right:

Ohkay so, can they please stop playing with our emotions this way? Why is every single episode of Alif so heart-touching & emotional that I find myself shedding a few tears every single time? Team Alif really knows how to convey the emotions, this is why they strike a chord & leave an impact. Like all the previous episodes of Alif, this one was phenomenal too, yes, it was a little on the slower side but considering the turn of events they had to cover, the pace of this episode was totally justified. I loved watching each & every detailing in this episode & that once again made me feel that this episode ended too soon, although it was a little slow. Another aspect that I love about the way the story of Alif is being told is the similarity in both Momin & Momina’s tracks, I am not sure if that is intentional but I enjoy drawing the comparisons & reading between the lines.

Momina & Momin Are Lonely:

Momina lost Jahangir, she lost her support system, her biggest fan, her little brother – that too at that stage of her life where she could actually see things shaping up & she fulfilling the promise that she made to Jahangir about saving him. Momina was faced with a reality check that a human being can only do so much but in the end, it is Allah who decides & plans. Momina went to the auditions only because she had Jahangir as her driving force & the idea of being able to save Jahangir never slipped her mind, this is the reason while signing the contract she got emotional. Momina thought she would be able to do what she had promised but no, it wasn’t meant to be. I saw this coming but I didn’t really expect it to be this emotional. The way every single detail was covered was heart-wrenching.

I feel that attention to detail is what sets Alif apart. They actually showed that Jahangir passed away but all the things that followed made it real & easy to relate to. The doctor’s attitude & the demands – how many of us have heard of or experienced such incidents where the doctors were only keen about the paperwork & the bills? I am sure after watching this scene, a lot of people must’ve been reminded of the time when they were faced with a similar situation because all of it was so realistically portrayed. I must say, the one responsible for the look & makeup of every character in those scenes has done such a commendable job – a mother’s pale face, unkempt hair, teary eyes & dark circles. A father who is emotionally drained but is still trying to hold back his tears, a sister sitting on the floor while her friends count the money to pay the bills – all these details were heart-wrenching but portrayed the reality of death & the family dealing with it phenomenally.

Alif Episode 5 Story Review - Emotions Done Right

The thing I enjoy the most about Alif is how it always balances everything out – at one hand they showed us cruelty & inconsideration displayed by the doctor but on the other hand, they showed how everyone came to help Sultan in the hour of need. His friends didn’t hold back in giving whatever little they had so that they could contribute. Jhumar felt it would be inconsiderate of him to eat at Sultan’s house but the others were busy having their meal. I love these little details because it really brings reality to life on screen.

Momina refused to pick up the phone call of Asad, her casting agent. Obviously, Momina can not think straight & working on the biggest break of her career is the last thing on her mind right now. It was only Jahangir that Momina was working so hard for & now that he is gone, does she have any motivation left to work just as hard? No! The similarity that I found in Momina & Momin’s scenarios in this episode was the loneliness – Momina was feeling alone because her brother left her & Momin was actually feeling the loneliness around him, getting to him. They both are alone but in a very different way – Momina realizes it but Momin doesn’t. Momina has no excuse to not register it but Momin is in denial & he is not acknowledging it that despite having everything that he dreamt of, he is alone. The scene where Momina walks in Jahangir’s room after his funeral, looking at his pictures, his accolades & then lying on his bed, thinking about him, the emotional moments, also remembering the times where he made her smile – it was beautiful. Now that Jahangir is gone, his memories are all that Momina is left with. I must say, Lubna Aslam portrayed the emotions of a mother who had just lost her son to perfection, although she did not get an undivided screen time in this episode but in those few moments where her mental state was covered, she left an impact. Hats off!

Alif Episode 5 Story Review - Emotions Done Right

So, Momin was thinking constantly about all the things that his grandfather said to him. Momin could not take his mind off even for a second when he was alone. Momin is reflecting, he is actually wondering if he is even happy or not? Momin lied to his grandfather that he did not even think about whatever he had said because he is in denial & he would never admit that he actually is feeling lost. Momin was taken by surprise by Abdul Alla’s response, he thought he would hold it against him but Abdul Alla didn’t. Momin got a clarification from his grandfather therefore, he did not pay heed to this little detail that Abdul Alla did not have a grudge against him, whereas Momin doesn’t believe in forgiving & forgetting. Momin has so much to learn from Abdul Alla, that time will surely come.

Momin definitely is planning a big surprise for Neha & Zufi & it obviously won’t be what they both are expecting. Neha actually thinks she has defeated Momin & she has been successful in two-timing him but she has no idea that Momin obviously gets the entire picture. Momin & Neha’s conversation over the phone was very interesting & while giving it back to Neha Momin sounded so relaxed but he had a lot building up inside him. Momin is not someone who believes in letting go, so now when he knows that Neha was cheating on him, he will make sure to humiliate her in the worst possible manner. Momin deals with everything his way, its his power that has given him this sense of entitlement & superiority over others but then again, soon enough he will also realize that he can not control everything & that will be the start of a new journey.

Closing Thoughts – Emotional Yet Beautiful:

This episode of Alif was heart-wrenching & so emotional, however I am glad that Momin’s scenes broke the momentum when it got a bit too overwhelming. I must say, the way everything has been portrayed so realistically in Alif is what makes watching it a one-of-a-kind experience. Sajal Aly was phenomenal in this episode & Hamza Ali Abbasi was superb. Saleem Mairaj & Lubna Aslam both deserve a round of applause for their brilliant portrayal of grieving parents who just lost their son, however I did feel the dialogue stating Husn e Jahan in that moment was a little out of the place, but I am think when that aspect of the story will be revealed, it will be made clear why Sultan has not been able to get over Husn e Jahan till date & why he remembered her during such a difficult time of his life. I am sad that Hadi bin Arshad’s role is probably over in Alif, however in those few scenes in which he played the role of Jahangir, he surely has left an impression. His performance was effortless & hit the right note. I actually wanted to see more of Jahangir but sad, it wasn’t meant to be. Hadi bin Arshad should be very proud of himself for portraying Jahangir’s character brilliantly. I must also add, I loved Manzar Sehbai’s attitude during the phone call, it was very enjoyable seeing him being so casual & forgiving about whatever had happened at Momin’s place, also the way he was holding the phone reminded me of all those elderly people who speak exactly like that on hand-held phones – that scene was very cute. Haseeb Hassan has created magic on screen; every single scene, every angle carries a story in itself. I am glad it is Haseeb Hassan who has taken up Umera Ahmed’s script & directed it because he has surely done justice to it. I think I will end the review before I start falling short of words, please share your thoughts about this emotional yet beautiful episode of Alif.

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  • Can Saturday night get any better?? With dramas like Alif and MPTH, viewers are in for a treat. Such diverse yet so powerful, realistic and beautiful plays. I don’t remember an episode of Alif I’m which I have not cries, laughed, smiled with the actors. Everyone fits perfectly into their roles; especially Sajal who has done wonders as Momina. TBH, I expected a lot from an actor of her calibre but this time around she has outdone herself💯💯. That dialogue when she says, ‘Ab Kia fiada ronay ka’ was so simple yet conveyed so convincingly 👍👍 . Last but not the least, fantastic review Zahra.

    • Thank you so much Ibrahim. Yes, Alif is nothing short of a roller coaster ride of emotions, they really are portraying everything with such perfection that it hits home every single time. Another beautiful aspect of Alif is that such simple situations have been portrayed with such intricacies that you can’t help feeling so many emotions while watching them. I so am with you on the double episode demand, 1 episode is just not enough. :)

  • Im just such an emotional mess rn. Couldnt stop crying. Indeed the writer director and cast deserve alottt of credit and appreciation.

  • Yet another powerful episode. MPTH and alif both were too emotional. Yes the minute details zahra, ye choti choti cheezen kahan se kahan le jati hn drama ko. Sajal k baare mn to mn abb speechless hoon, she’s great actress. Everyone has done a great job. Hamza ali abbasi’s expressions while he thinks about what dada said. And his response “dada ap hmesha preshan krte hn” was something k khich to or rhi hai momin ko….

    Or haan zahra, ye drama bohat sabq amoz hai, kitne lessons hn seekhne k liye.

    Amazing review زہرہ!

    • Thank you so much Ali. Haan jee, Sajal is a gifted actor, she really knows how to convey the emotions of an actor to the T. Hamza Ali Abbasi fits the role of Momin beautifully too. Can’t wait for the rest of the journey. :)

  • Amazing episode and equally great review you covered everything Zahra. It indeed was an emotional episode. You’re right one can’t help but draw comparison between the two: while watching tonight’s episode I felt that though Momina is having a hard luck, she’s surrounded by such loyal people and her friends proved to be a great support but on the other hand though Momin has everything he’s wished for, people around him who he happens to find close to him are not sincere to him.
    And Dada is my most favourite character from Alif. He says the right things at right time. Like he’s making Momin restless even when he’s not lecturing him. Also his gestures during the phone call were cute really :)

    • Thank you so much Maha. Oh yes, I so agree about Momina being surrounded by sincere well wishers whereas Momin despite having everything is just lonely & somewhat miserable. I really enjoy watching Dada Jee’s scenes too. I hope we get to see more of him in the future episodes because a scene or two of him is not enough. :)

      • Yes him and Husn e Jahan. Coz her character also leaves you intrigued. I want to rewatch these two coz they’re the most relatable to me rn. It’s as if I want to meet them again and again.

  • I’ve been reading your reviews for more than 2 years now, and this is probably the first time I’m commenting!
    Really a fan of your reviews!
    Keep up the good work!

    • Aw thank you so much Fatimah for your kind words, it means so much. :)))) I hope while watching Alif, you will continue to come back & contribute to the discussions more. :)

  • Another amazing episode. Totally agree with the review!
    Sajal has to be the BEST actress of current years. I’ve not seen a performance by her ever which was not 100%.
    I love watching Manzar Sehbai’s scenes and also missed Saife Hassan in this episode.
    Watching Jahangirs family’s struggle in hospital reminded me of a couple, few years ago in a hospital in Rawalpindi, who’s young child had died and they were taking the body back to wherever they lived. I remember the mother tightly holding the tiny wrapped body against herself and slowly walking towards the gate with her husband while myself and a few other people just watched them go. Today’s episode made me feel so stupid because I didn’t do anything to help them, they were poor people and would’ve really appreciated any help at that moment money or a car back home. They would have taken a bus back home with that little dead body. I was the privileged one there but it didn’t even cross my mind to help them.
    That memory’s just made me incredibly sad and guilty.

    • Thank you Tricksy. Ah, the memory that you have shared is so heart-wrenching. Imagine so many people go through such situations on a daily basis, this is the reason why everything that was shown in Alif was so realistic & easy to relate to. I hope the couple that you saw has found patience & happiness in their lives.

  • Superb review
    Such a heart touching and emotional episode. The best thing about alif is that its so realistic that a common person can easily connect with it. The most emotional scene for me was when momina was in car with her friends and she said to her friends k tum ny galat turn ly lia hai and then after all that when she entered that hospital and saw her helpless parents sitting outside a morgue. That whole hospital scenerio was so realistic unfortunately it happens in real world. Momina ko khushi milny sy pehley hi uski khushi mein khush honey wala bhai cheen gia. Hum zindagi mein bhot sy plans banatey hein k aisa hoga tu yeh karein gaye etc jisy momina ny socha hoga k role marney k baad wo apny bhai ka treatment karwa ly gi but indeed hota wohi hai jo Allah ny socha hota hai. Allah’s plan are the final and best for us. Momina’s friends are nice and sincere.
    Coming towards momin, I think so momin ki zindagi mein sukoon nhi hai wo akela hai kyunky wo Allah sy dorr hai. Iss duniya mein koi bhi akela nhi hota wo bhi nhi jinka koi relative na ho kyun k sab k saath Allah hota hai aur yeh bus mehsoos karney ki baat hai jis din momin yeh baat samjh gia that day he will come a happy man.Momin and his dada’s conversation on phone was really nice. Dada is not angry with momin but he is definitely worried about him. Momin’s phone convo with neha was too good. Momin will definitely do sotryi with her.Excited for that. Hamza, sajal, manzaar shabai and jahangeer parents did an amazing job. I m Looking forward to coming episode.

    • Thank you so much OeN for sharing your insights & appreciating the review. Waqay hi, yehi baat Alif ki amazing hai ke appko sab kuch wo dekhne ko mil raha hai jiss se app easily relate kar sakain. That hospital scene & all the scenes that followed were brilliantly executed, aik aik cheez detail mai dikhai gai.

      Momin definitely is lonely & because he has been busy making films, he has not let this thought bother him but ever since Dada has come, he surely is thinking about it. I can’t wait to see Momina & Momin’s interactions.

  • Thank your for the review. I totally second you. I agree with Dawood’s words that we can change fates but can’t amend traditions. And Jhumar’s refusal to eat was big slap to all those who dig into biryani for ‘boti’ at funerals. I am sure Neha will not get her share of return. I like have Dada is handling the situation.

    • Thank you so much Pakistani. Yes, that scene was short but was so impactful, everything that Jhumar said was a bitter truth. Let’s see how Momin deals with Neha. Dada Jee is amazing.

  • Gr8 review Zahra and gr8 episde as usual. Cant get enuff of Sajal Ali and Hamza Ali Abbasi, they are veterans , specially Sajjal Ali who has done all kinds of roles and is expert in crying scenes, still she never fails to make u cry. Hamza’s scenes with Dada and his expressions while talking to Neha , and also the way he portrayed his restlessness while remembering about what his Dada said, was all on point. Really waiting for both of them to come face to face agn. I want that to happen soon, before any long flashback of Husnejahan and Taha begins.

    • Thank you so much Tiger. I agree, both Hamza & Sajal are nailing their characters & their expressions are always perfect. I think they will definitely take us in the past first before Momin & Momina will start working together.

  • Balanced review zahra. Drama on the other hand conveying the emotional side of characters and handling of situations from various aspects. The only weak link I found is Hamza since his acting is short of the portrayal of momin in the novel and on the contrary neha has come up as a person leaving some impression. Hamza tries to speak more like Imran khan whereas in novel the arrogance and attitude of momin is mind blowing. Aqsa and Daud are the sweetest characters of this serial whereas abdul alla, momin as kid, momina and jahangir the strongest. They did real justice. Direction is the hall mark of this drama especially the episodes in Turkey.

  • Perfect review. Its a treat to read your powerful review after every power packed episode of ALIF.

  • It was a beautiful beautiful episode. I’ve read the novel so won’t comment on the story but i have to say I’m extremely impressed by haseeb hassan’s direction. Sajal Ali became my favorite actress eversince i watched her o rangreza. Even my mother who doesn’t watch dramas regularly is her fan. Overall, everyone perfectly fits into his character. Aqsa and dawood are friendship goals.
    Also, i recently watched ‘main kis say kahoon’ which i suppose you reviewed back then and gave it very rave reviews.i had planned at that time that i’d watch it whenever I’ll get time and finally after almost 4 years i watched it. I have to say it is one of the most underrated drama of sajal, yumna and kashif nisar.
    I kept waiting for your review on ‘ye dil mera’. I’ve lost the count of how many times i visited the website if you have reviewed it or not but……
    P.s. settings of site have changed and now i have to comment as guest everytime which is annoying. Plz is ka bhi kuch karain.

    • You are right Javeria. Admins are not doing good to us. Home page is a mess. There are clickbaits in Latest Happenings. Commenting is different. Reviews donot appear on home page immediately, have to go to dramas section in menu. And the worst that Zahra and Fatima can review only two dramas each. That’s why she isn’t reviewing YDM :(

  • Hello Zahra, you were not short of words, but fully described this mind blowing episode with all the major & minute details. As you said, the realistic approach & details shown were the highlights here. The hospital scene was really very natural. There were no high noise mourning sounds from them, but a deep grief inside for the loss. very emotional indeed. Jhumar dialogue above it, was heart wrenching. Then followed Momina’s scene in Jahangir’s room, omg, we actually lived the death of Jahangir there. Outstanding job by Sajjal ali. Dawood & Momina’s friend were real friend indeed. You described Momin’s state of mind perfectly, when he was alone and getting haunted by Dada ji’s dialogues. Dada ji played intelligently here to show Momin that he is not hurt by him though he was. Because he does not want Momin to fee guilty that he hurt Dada ji, but he let Time to make Momin realize by himself that he is very far from right track. Momin-Neha conversation on phone was very interesting. It will be good to see how Neha will surprised forever. Hamza, as Momin was over the top.

  • What an episode and performances. I loved it. And like you Zahra, am short of words. But you still managed to explain everything beautifully. Thanks.
    “Main aik actresses, apni rozi ko halal krne k leye mar rahe hun aur ap yahan halal ko hi haram kr rahe hain”, “Ab kya rona”, “Jhoomar besharam hai be-his nahi”, “qismtein badal jati hain riwaj nahi”, “Allah momineen k saath hai” are some of the dialogues of the episodes which touched my heart.
    Momin and Momin(a) are going through the same emotion of loneliness, but the difference is Momina has loyal friends and supporters around her whereas Momin has no one. Woh log jo usay pehchantay hain, jaante hain sirf paise aur power ki wjha se hi. Wrna woh akela hi hai.
    I liked how dada was using a container for ablution despite having a bucket (we all waste water as against Prophet’s sunnah.).
    Alif portrays that people who are rich with amazing bungalows will not be around you and are not pure of heart but people in small areas are very well connected with everyone and help whenever needed. Khamoshi se dekhne wala drama hai yeh. Thanks to Umera and team of Alif.

    • You are indeed right. The drama covers multifaceted angles and is very deep in its thought. You rightly praised Umera Ahmed and cast of Alif. Don’t you missed Husn e Jahan in this episode?

  • Spot on review!

    If someone is really interested in knowing the whole story, the book is on youtube as an audiobook and the narrator is phenomenal. I loved the story almost as much as I loved Peer-e-kamil.

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