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Jhootha – Mathira on her new video

While most of us do not like talking about her we must have definitely come across the viral video of hers with a 12-year old kid Arbaz Khan. So far the video titled “Jhootha” has earned for itself uncountable likes and shares over the social media which has sparkled the success of it.

“It’s a nice, lovable and cute video and there is nothing chichora (cheap) about it,” This is what mathira has to say about the video and she completely neglects the negative perception which has arisen from public on her video.

Mathira may sound shocked by what she likes to call a ‘strange’ response from the public, but the negative response has more to do with her cosying up to a 12-year-old than anything else. One might find the featuring of the young boy as a gimmick to get the attention, but Mathira believes that it’s just cute.

“What if a kid is praising me in a cute fashion?” she asks her critics.“What’s wrong with a young boy coming up to you and saying that you are so beautiful? After all, appreciation does come in many forms.”

She shared the concept behind the video, which was about a young fan that accidentally runs into Mathira, and starts praising her in his own way. Arbaz Khan is an upcoming rapper signed up by the same record label as Mathira, Beyond Records. Mathira believes Arbaz, who wrote all the lyrics himself, is a very talented musician and has done a great job.

“More than promoting new talent, it was an honour for me and Arbaaz to perform alongside one another, and haters will hate no matter what I do” she says.

The memes popping are mainly critical of Mathira’s wardrobe, deeming it to be vulgar.

“This is where the Pakistani double standard comes in,” she scoffs.

“What’s wrong with a kid being featured in a video along with a girl in a jumpsuit, when every other kid in Pakistan has listened to songs which are ten times more vulgar, such as Candy Shop.”

Mathira strongly believes that people tend to mix culture with entertainment, something that she had to argue about when she started her career as a late night show, and continues to do so with this video.

“We should not mix media and entertainment with culture. Media is flashy, glamorous and fake, so let be like that!”

We all know that the young lady does know how to remain in the lime light of the industry. She also contributed in an Indian Film performing an item number, then she also got hold of an Indian advertisement which also became a subject of concern in our industry but she is brave enough to fight with all and similarly she does with it too – The new video of hers with a kid

We wish her good luck and expect her to come with something  SENSIBLE, the next time which doesn’t at least get covered with controversies

Let us know whether you have also seen the video and do write to us about your take on her video’s popularity

S. Rasool

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