Juggan Kazim and Feisal Naqvi Finally Engaged!High Quality Pictures!

As previously shared, the news has finally turned into an event and actress Juggan  Kazmi is now officially engaged to Feisal H. Naqvi who is also known for her expertise in the field of journalism. It is only few days back that the actress finally got engaged, celebrating her happiness with friends and family. 

Here are a few clicks taken on the event, Have a look!

179116_463861143695081_1170516382_n 179171_463861763695019_1089724347_n (1) 179171_463861763695019_1089724347_n 179461_463860877028441_1750873633_n 183173_463861487028380_190591185_n 216388_463860920361770_40113442_n 247014_463861340361728_1155325860_n 247093_463861750361687_1336524762_n (1) 247093_463861750361687_1336524762_n 255714_463861033695092_1975720192_n 255714_463861213695074_15185835_n 255716_463861127028416_356684980_n 308631_463860847028444_1710214914_n 375055_463861220361740_1194645109_n 395713_463861290361733_406140325_n 417856_463861553695040_247539855_n 577528_463861577028371_1719125044_n 934666_463861470361715_2003615657_n 934792_463861453695050_1579981476_n 936364_463861720361690_491195596_n 936664_463861600361702_1269182558_n 936667_463861090361753_48978146_n 942195_463861670361695_1691477589_n 943335_463861653695030_1071256852_n 943579_463860747028454_494089529_n 945738_463861330361729_7346686_n 946312_463861323695063_1019305104_n 946528_463861017028427_2088665441_n 946553_463861227028406_651697208_n 946960_463861073695088_1253291692_n

We wish the couple all the very best for their new life,


Nida  Zaidi

  • fire

    LAgta hai finally juggan ne koi rich morhga phansaa liya hai lol

    • sara

      zahir hai…rich murgy k baghir in showbiz ki ourton ka guzara hi nahe hota..kon iny nakhray berdasht kareyga phir

  • waseem saleem

    you like very beautiful for into whole dress i m watch your morning show.

  • altaf

    stay happy all life with new life my Allah bless you bothe with love and pray

  • rabia


  • Sam

    Can anyone tell me what is in the glass that the groom holding?

    • Saad

      Papsi ha

  • laiba

    beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…………………………………………….. loking juggan