Juggun Kazim Shares About Her Abusive Husband

Juggun Kazim is a Pakistani Canadian actress, Youtube personality and host. In December 2004, she returned from Canada to Pakistan, when she married Ahmed Tajik, she met him while attending a friend’s wedding.

Juggun Kazim Shares About Her Abusive HusbandAfter just over a year of marriage, during which Ahmed beat her, she left him, taking their two-month-old son, Hamza, with her. The father is not involved in her son’s upbringing; she says this was a mutual decision, influenced by her experiences as the child of divorced parents. She married Feisal H Naqvi, with whom she has another son, Hassan, on 27 June 2013.

Juggun Kazim Shares About Her Abusive HusbandJuggun Kazim in an interview with Samina Peerzada shared about her abusive husband and how he used to beat her over minor issues.

Juggun Kazim Shares About Her Abusive Husband“First I got nikkahfied and then I tried to make my marriage work. After six months I left because in that time period he used to beat me very badly. I used to get astonished after being abused by him. I stopped watching myself in the mirror and sometimes if I did see my face in the mirror my whole face was bruised,” Kazim shared.

Juggun Kazim Shares About Her Abusive HusbandOn asking upon why did she take it for the first time? Juggun replied, “when he beat me for the first time I was leaving but he forced me to stop. He said sorry and I believed him and stopped.”

Juggun Kazim Shares About Her Abusive HusbandHere’s Juggun’s interview in which she is sharing about her abusive husband:


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