Pictures From Junaid Jamshed’s House Tour

Junaid Jamshed is a household name in Pakistan. His journey is nothing short of an inspiration for all people – young and old. Junaid Jamshed started his career as a singer but then decided to bid farewell to music to dedicate his life to the path of Allah. He educated himself and preached Islam to the best of his abilities. Junaid Jamshed earned a place in the hearts of Pakistani nation, that is why after his sad demise in 2016, people still remember him and have fond memories of him.

Junaid Jamshed’s son Babur Junaid Jamshed has started his YouTube Channel. Fans are having a great time viewing the content created by Babur because they not only love connecting with him but also get beautiful reminders of Junaid Jamshed and the legacy that he has left behind. Babur Junaid Jamshed took the requests of his fans seriously and decided to give a house tour so that people could see the place Junaid Jamshed resided in when he was alive.

Junaid Jamshed’s house is beautiful and spacious. It has an earthy toned theme with different shades of browns seen all over the place. The house of Junaid Jamshed has a homely feel to it and it feels lived in. The furniture choices are simple but the decoration pieces are elaborate. Everything works in harmony with each other and the entire aesthetic is mostly the same throughout the house. Babur Junaid Jamshed has also recorded a video in which their new house is being constructed and we are sure people will love to see their new home when the entire family moves in. This house tour was not too detailed but it showed the main areas of the house like the entrance, dining and lounge room, the pool side and the staircase which leads to the rooms as well as the balcony. Babur Junaid Jamshed also showed some of the accolades and awards that were presented to Junaid Jamshed to honor his body of work and legacy.

Here are the pictures from Junaid Jamshed’s House Tour:

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  • Junaid Jamshed. May Allah Talaa, have mercy on his soul and bless him with the highest rank in paradise, ameen. You are missed….

  • I reverted to Islam about 10 years ago and found his nashid subhanallah so inspiring and has helped me many times through the storms I have faced.

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