Justin Bieber – Pindi Boy?

Yes, you read that right!

Well it shouldn’t be that big a surprise. Accordingly each person on the planet is scientifically known to have six to seven twins out there in the world, and it seems like Pakistan has found one of none other than the celebrated pop star Justin Bieber!

Omer Khalil, is a dweller of Rawalpindi, and is quite unperturbed about his similar facial features with the I’m the One singer.

Referring to the press, Khalil is known to have said:

“It was my friends who were the first to notice the similarity. It was only a matter of time till others too began pointing out the same thing.” – Indian Express

The young boy is no doubt enjoying his fame on this coincidence and we have some pictures uploaded by him to prove it!

Justin Bieber - Pindi Boy?


Justin Bieber - Pindi Boy?


Uncanny, really.

Justin Bieber - Pindi Boy?


And for the final showdown

Justin Bieber - Pindi Boy?


Will wonders ever cease?

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Mehreen Zaman