Nadia Khan ditches morning shows because acting scene is “on”

When you talk about our industry’s boldest women, Nadia Khan is among the forerunners. If there is a go getter female in media, who speaks her mind and can tackle anyone head on, it is Nadia Khan. She is the pioneer of Pakistani morning shows and has run it successfully from Dubai and then Karachi. Her dynamic personality and lively demeaneor has inspired her audiences for years.

Recently, Nadia Khan had left morning show and and gave rise to many speculations as to what her next medium would be or that maybe she has left showbiz but she has put an end to all of that by explaining that she will be appearing on TV but as an actress.

So we will be seeing Nadia Khan in a TV play after a lapse of about 17 long years.

Live with Nadia Khan!

Live with Nadia Khan, who is making her drama comeback after 17 years.

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Here she is an interview with a video blogger, explaining that she has had enough of morning shows. They are a been there, done that territory for her and now she wants to venture back into acting because it’s scene is ON. She showed her disdain for morning shows that there is nothing new happening in them and nothing that requires any talent, so she is tired of the monotony of morning show game. She said she has also made sure that her producers have casted all the best actors for this drama. If there was a mismatched casting , she wouldn’t have done that. Though, the way she says here that she would not like halkay actors to work in the play where she is working… talk about putting your foot in your mouth.

Talking about social media, she said it has a very dark side it to, just like you wouldn’t know who is an abuser or a rapist among you in an open market,  you never know on social media as well. This is precisely the point of this drama as well. How families and users and abusers are affected by misuse of social networking is the context of her play. They have shooted for ten days already and her roles have been alongside Sami Khan and Saba Hameed.

She said she has had an offer of an Indian movie but she does not want to take part in it due to the controversial role offered to her in it.

Nadia Khan also has a YouTube channel which she mentions that she is working on to inform and empower the women of Pakistan. She says her vlogs are not about criticism of Pakistani media actors but about genuine reviews products of events.

She also clears the air about the rift between herself and Shaista Lodhi, saying that channels switch between them for increasing popularity but they have are good friends personally.

When asked about game shows, Nadia Khan candidly replied that she cannot make people eat watermelon and all the other game show stuff, so she would never host any of them.

Explaining her comeback experience of acting after 17 years, Nadia said that she feels like a child in Disneyland when she is on sets.

Now that is one excited actress. Hope the play is as enjoyable for the audience as it is for Nadia !!

Mehwish Mansoor