Karachi Rains – These Videos Will Bring Tears in Your Eyes

Pakistan is a lucky country that is blessed with four seasons. Every season has its own importance. Many waits for winter to enjoy long nights with hot coffee in their hands while others wait for summers to have pool parties. Day times are hotter in summer, therefore, people wait for the rain to get all wet. 

It has been raining for more than 14 days now in Karachi. Everyone loved to play in the starting days but now this rain is making distraction all over the city. The whole city is flooded with water due to which people are getting health issues. More than 11 people have died because of the heavy rainfall. Their houses are covered with dirty water and all their accessories are ruined.

Even the house of Mayor is getting filled with rainwater. Due to the heavy rain, people are facing many issues including electricity. 

Let’s just pray for the departed souls and may the critical situation of Karachi gets better soon. 

تصاویر: کراچی کی سڑکیں زیر آب آ گئی ہیں اور بجلی کے مسائل بھی جاری ہیں#KarachiRainshttps://t.co/BFsxrb3XWs


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