Kayseria & Bareeze Get Backlash After Waleed Zaman’s Remarks On Harassment

After Nueplex protesters gathered in Lahore too to protest against Ali Zafar and sexual harassment. While the protesters chanted “Boycott Ali Zafar” outside Cinestar Lahore Kayseria’s creative director Waleed Zaman showed up there to watch the movie. A video soon started circulating where a protester asks Waleed why he is watching Teefa in Trouble and he replies “Because we support sexual harassment of women.” He said that on record not once not twice but three times and every time he raised his hands as he said so.

Later the creative director of Kayseria and son of Bareeze’s owner Hameed Zaman; Waleed Zaman issued a statement where he claimed that he said this because he was upset as his wife was being harassed and threatened by the protesters. While the video clearly shows none of the said “harassment” happened.

Soon after this Boycott Kayseria and Bareeze hashtags started appearing to show the privileged lot that their actions come with consequences.

If this is how privileged and well educated lot of Pakistan thinks then what hope do we have for common unprivileged and uneducated people. Kayseria’s upper management not only needs to take serious actions after Waleed Zaman’s insensitive remarks it also needs to show how there is accountability of each person’s actions irrespective of their social status if they want to maintain the integrity of the brand because after all Kayseria is a WOMEN clothing brand, such mentality should be dealt with zero tolerance policy.


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Mariya Haider