Khaadi Welcomes Independence Day With #MainBhiPakistanHoon

Khaadi, the brand which firstly brought the culture of embroidered cotton couture to the elite women of Pakistan has always been very innovative in business and marketing strategies. It is now recognised worldwide and despite many designers following suit, Khaadi still remains a class of its own.

This year, Khaadi has made a video for all its official pages, giving the message of inclusion to the masses of our country. The vocals are by the rich and deep voice of Meesha Shafi and the video spans Pakistanis from all genres and provinces. They all say the same sentence, as is the hashtag on their official page, #mainbhipakistanhoon.

There are the inside streets of Punjab and the green fields of KPK to the diverse culture of Sindh, in one short video captured brilliantly. You will also see Arshad chai wala in one shot.

It is a beautiful message by Khaadi, including Pakistanis from near and afar in one strong bond,  that should be strengthened with passing years.

Khaadi – Azadi Video

A land for the pure, a land for the pious, a land for the people, a land for you, me and us! Let's celebrate Independence and Inclusion. LET'S CELEBRATE PAKISTAN! Listen to the complete song here:

Публикувахте от Khaadi в Четвъртък, 10 август 2017 г.

Mehwish Mansoor