Viewers aren’t happy with the way the Sanam Baloch starrer ‘Khaas’ ended last night

So one of the most watched drama on Hum TV, the Sanam Baloch, Haroon Shahid and Ali Rehman Khan starrer Khaas, ended last night. Although we saw some ounce of repentance in the narcissist that Aamaar was, the episode did what the majority of the viewers never wanted, the writers killed of Faakhir’s character in the end.

For a lot of viewers the final episode was enough to ruin the beautiful journey Khaas had been for them. And therefore not everyone is subtle with their feedback for the last episode of the drama. Not even mentioning that they’ll miss their favorite characters, the public has been outright lashing at the makers of Khaas for having killed Faakhir and leaving Saba sad etched in their minds forever.

Read on to find out how Twitter has been mercilessly criticizing the producer and writer of Khaas for its ending, ever since the uneventful episode aired last night.

Tell us what you think about Khaas’s ending and whether the reaction by people is justified or not.

ifrah salman

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  • Yes this is not good end must the happy ending her life is just starting and he did not saw his son also no I don’t like this end سارے ڈرامے کا ستیاناس کردیا امار کو سزا ملنی چاہیے تھی لیکن صبا کو کیوں وہ پہلے ہی کافی تکلیف دیکھ چکی ہے مجھے اس کا end بلکل پسند نہیں آیا

  • I thing this drama already ends with fakhir’s death no more ending require saba is quit happy with her son she can live happily with fakhir’s memory ……

  • i appreciate the last episode a lot. Actually the writer wanted show the value of women existance without men that is uncommon in our society.

  • It was the most unexpected and unwanted end of an otherwise good presentation. In the first place Fail to understand what were those Fakhirs nightmares about which popped up from out of nowhere. What did the writer, producer or director wanted to achieve by killing Fakhir?
    They better come up with some explanation.