Khalil-Ur-Rehman Wants Women To Rape Men If They Want Equality

Famous writer Khalil-ur-Rehman is known for his problematic views about women. In a recent interview, he called himself ‘feminist’ and shared his views about women.

Khalil-Ur-Rehman Wants Women To Rape Men If They Want Equalityp’Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar in an interview defended his ideas and ‘Philosophy’ around how he sees society.

He talked about his famous drama serial ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’ and shared, “It (Mere Pass Tum Ho) is a story of several men, not just one. I have come across multiple married couples who go through the same ordeal. I’ve observed when a married woman cheats, she doesn’t feel ashamed at all. The reason behind her not feeling guilty is because she has been backed by another man. When an unmarried woman cheats, she feels guilty.”

Khalil-Ur-Rehman Wants Women To Rape Men If They Want EqualityHe also stated, “But when a married man betrays his wife, he feels guilty. He feels embarrassed.”

Khalil also said that women shouldn’t criticize Mere Pass Tum Ho and shared, “I’m only narrating this story in your [women’s] favor. Like it or not, I don’t call every woman a woman. To me, the only beautiful trait a woman can possess is her loyalty and her haya/modesty. If a woman isn’t loyal then she is not a woman. Register an FIR against me for if you don’t subscribe to my point of view but I won’t budge.”

He also shared, “Get someone to try me under #MeToo, I won’t care about that either. But I won’t be able to call every woman a woman. That simply isn’t true for me.”

Khalil-Ur-Rehman Wants Women To Rape Men If They Want EqualityHe continued and talked about how he is fighting for good women and said, “A man leaves all his honor, his self-esteem with his wife when he goes out to earn a living. And I curse those women who violate that trust. That was the concept behind Mere Pass Tum Ho and so I’m fighting for the ‘good women’. It would be unfair to these [good] women to be classified along with those who aren’t loyal.”

He called himself feminist and shared, “Trust me, you’ll not find a bigger feminist in Pakistan, but I fight for good women only. Loyalty is a woman’s virtue; don’t challenge it.”

“A few weeks ago, a feminist group had a conversation with me regarding equality. I asked them if they’ve ever heard about a gang of men kidnapping a woman? They assured me they have. I asked them then why don’t women do the same? If you wish to strive for equality then kidnap men as well. Rob a bus, gang rape a man, so that I can understand what you [women] mean by equality.”

“Rather than figuring out your own rights, you’re only asking your part from men’s rights. That’s never going to happen! The most one of these feminist groups can do is chant slogans against me, tweet a few thousand tweets but that’s it! Women can’t do anything else.”

Qamar believes if women were to challenge men the whole society will collapse.

Khalil-Ur-Rehman Wants Women To Rape Men If They Want Equality“I was once in conversation with Sultana Siddiqui, and she asked me, ‘Khalil, why don’t you write anything against men?’ I asked her what should I write about men? Should I abuse him? I would, but then what? She said, ‘What do you mean? Even men remarry and indulge in extramarital affairs. Why do you choose to be so selective?’ I just had one question in response, ‘But with whom? A woman, right?’”

He believes if a woman says no to man then men will not be tempted to have extramarital affairs. He blames women are the reason behind the extramarital affairs of men.

He kept on saying how women are the reason behind the extramarital statement and justified his thoughts by saying, “You have to understand this philosophy. A wife is worried about what? Another woman. That other woman isn’t a man. So riddle me this: you are destroying a man and you’re the one who’s complaining about it as well.”

“A man cannot say no. He just can’t. A good woman can,” he concluded.

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  • Seriously what kind of title is this? It doesnt say so anywhere in the article…

    regardless I am no fan of Khalil ur Rehman….I wonder why people like his stories? This is a genuine question to his fans, so if you want, please answer the question below if you don’t mind. :)

    • Noori that is exactly my point: He never intended to say that women should rape men literally.Waiting to take words out of context is becoming a norm. I mean if he is a good writer (of course a successful writer) who cares what his own personal views are for women. His personal views do not define him as a writer.

  • If he is the biggest feminist that Pakistan has I feel sorry for the women of the country. What an absolutely ar$e of a man.

  • If I remember correctly, Kalilur Rahman’s wife ran away with Faisal Qureshi ( when they were making Boota from Toba Take Singh) . May be that is the reason of his views about married women who cheat… really twisted mentality though

    • This the very problem with desi psych. Accusing the other to grab attention like u just did ( made a false rumor to satisfy ur own demons). Why would u wanna defend a cheating wife, first of all?? A cheating wife is a curse. Please, get that point.

  • I got what he is trying to say . It is true we need to understand women needs to fight for there right instead they want to become men

  • Khalil Sahib you said that it is a woman who destroys the home of another woman so as a conclusion she is not a victim so in this scenario in the story of Meray pass tum ho Danish is not a victim because an other man destroys his house , Mehvish is leaving Danish for another man.

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