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Kick, kicked out the previous records of opening day business

Indian film Kick has kicked out the previous records of biggest openings on Pakistani cinemas with the first day collection of Rs 20.08 million (more than 2 crores). Previously the biggest opening record was of film Waar in 2013 with Rs 11.8 million (1. crore 80 lakhs), but later surpassed by another Indian film Dhoom3(2013) with Rs 11.9 millions (1 crore 90 lakhs).

Dhoom3 also earned a total revenue of Rs. 240 million (24 crore), leaving behind Waar which earned Rs. 230 million (23 crore) at box office. Looking at this strong opening filmi pundits are forecasting record breaking overall revenue record of Dhoom3. Kick is released on the festive occasion of Eid, and with a week long holidays it is expected to earn even bigger revenues.

Rashid Nazir Ali