Kiran Khan’s Disgusting Comment On Utho Jago Pakistan

Morning shows should be refreshing and enlightening. Being a Morning Show host is a big responsibility. The guests who are invited to Morning Shows also have to weigh their words before they blurt them out because these shows are live, anything that you say will reach millions of people. Many of our favorite actors who we consider very decent have done some very indecent things on some of the Morning Shows. Kiran Khan was the host in Utho Jago Pakistan in which the discussion was going on about horoscopes. One thing led to another and Kiran Khan said something that was uncalled for. Everyone laughed as if it was very funny but what she said was actually very disgusting. Kiran Khan always appears to be so decent, what she said was shocking for me.

Watch carefully and listen to what she says about women, it is sick and sad at the same time.


Please take action against this highly irresponsible behavior by registering your complain here – PTA Complain Link >>

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