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The Businessmen of Destiny in Pakistan!

We have spoken about so many cancers that have maligned the society through TV but a cancer which we see heavily being promoted on our TV screens from quite a long time is the form of Fortune Tellers, Tarot Card Readers & Astrologers.

I have seen many programs in which people call these so-called self-proclaimed experts of the destiny & ask them different questions regarding their lives. Very conveniently these experts enter the details in their laptops or in their iPads (if they earn more) & give out the answers to people about their issues. I really can’t understand how a computer software can predict what’s going to happen in someone’s life? I myself have seen many experts who don’t even know how to type because pretty visibly they type like a 5 y/o who doesn’t have a command on the Qwerty keyboard & plays with it by pressing the keys randomly as he likes.

Questions such as ‘karobar kab theek hoga’, ‘shadi kab hogi’, ‘aulaad kab hogi’, ‘bahir ka visa lag jayega’, ‘rishta kab hoga’, are the basic things that people might worry about in their lives but sadly it’s people like these fake experts who take advantage of the poor souls already in the shambles by asking them for money in thousands for literally lying to them about the future which they themselves don’t know of.


I remember visiting Pakistan after 2 years, back in 2011 & I was shocked to see the scroll on the local cable channels promoting the Peers & the Baba’s through proper advertisements who claimed to make anything possible with the help of Jinns saying ‘har kaam Jinnat ki madad se kiya jayega’. Proper pamphlets are distributed on the roads & the offices are established that too in the main areas of the city so that people can contact them.Why? Just so that they can literally earn the money on the basis of white lies. This is a huge industry & has grown even bigger because they themselves have established their markets. I actually want to know who gave them the right to play with the feelings of people just like that? Who gave them the authority to believe that they have a knowledge of the unseen; the future? I want to know why the media promotes these sort of people too?

Just recently I saw a Morning show in which a fortune teller was invited to predict whether Pakistan will win the match against India in T20 WC, obviously he said YES but the result was something that we saw the very same night, A BIG FAT LOL. Yes, this is exactly how it is, a person who couldn’t even predict what might happen at the night can claim to have a firm knowledge about what will happen in a few months or years?


I am sad to see how can people literally buy the idea of someone flipping the cards or entering the details on the computer is knowledgeable enough to show us the path & predict the course of our life? I remember my father always said that if you ask these fortune tellers about what’s behind their backs, they won’t be able to tell so how can anyone expect them to have a know-how about the future? It is as simple as that.

I very regrettably say that most of the callers are women & it goes to show that we’re in dire need of fixing our Tawakkal & our Iman in Allah because the lady is someone who binds the family & works as a mentor, as the institution to her children. If ladies literally have no profound knowledge about the restrictions set by Our Creator, then how can we expect our society to get any better?

I am gutted to see the trend of all such businessmen who charge people in considerable amounts & rip them off from their hard-earned money just because they themselves are involved in lies. The belief in the birthstone is another thing that I came across where the Emerald is supposed to attract the money & Ruby is supposed to have the healing properties, sorry to be bursting the bubbles here but WOOT WOOT they’re just the stones, ta-da!


I hope that the media stops promoting all these personalities for once because they are just involving people in a deep pit which they might not know of. For once I wish to see the real teachings of Islam being promoted on the media but sadly, whether it’s a cooking show or a morning show or any talk show, such experts are called to grab the TRP’s & promote them heavily. It’s a neverending cycle but at least people need to use some brains & work for coming out of this trap.

There are no Khizars & Musas (Aleyehe Salam) in this age & there can never be because they were chosen by Allah Himself. Have your say on this!

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

ps: Just read the ads & share a good laugh! ;)

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