Guess Who Sang The Female Version Of O Rangreza?

O Rangreza is a beautiful drama filled with powerful performances, packed with talent and  keeping us entertained every week. Sajal Ali, Nouman Ijaz, Bilal Abbas, Sana Fakhar, Irsa Shah.. all these actors and actresses fit their roles perfectly and enchant you with their respective characters.

One actress who tops all these wonderful performances is Sajal Ali, who is riding high on one success after the other. But did you know she is not only playing Sassi in the play but she is singing her as well? She has lent her vocals to the OST and we must say she has done an extremely good job.

Now hear the song again and see if you can figure out that from the sassy and spirited female voice that it is Sajal behind the mike.


Mehwish Mansoor