O Rangreza Episode 10 Review – Intense & Interesting!

Ohkay so, this was yet another interesting & intense episode of O Rangreza. What I thoroughly enjoyed watching in this episode was how every single conversation had so much of depth & meaning attached to it & along with that, it was showing us a different perspective of each & every character as well. This drama definitely has been written with a lot of intelligence & it is because of that, that such complex characters have been elaborated with so much of clarity!

The conversation between Wajih & Khayyam – it was so intense & interesting. I know it is too early to form an opinion about a character but I have a feeling, given the nature of his job, Wajih can see through people easily. Wajih could see how vulnerable, scared & cautious Khayyam was, that is why he spoke about the love he had for Sonia Jahan to test him & later when Khayyam tried to outbid him, Wajih immediately planted a seed of doubt in his heart against Sonia Jahan saying ‘dil phenk bhi hai’. Wajih knows that for a man like Khayyam Sani, the decision of marrying Sonia Jahan is an emotional one but it comes with a lot of ifs & buts, that is why he could see how uncomfortable Khayyam grew when Wajih tried to tell him that Sonia can easily move onto someone else. Khayyam really thinks it is going to be easy getting & staying married to Sonia Jahan but time will definitely teach him a lesson!

The scene between Mammo & Qasim was really nice, for Mammo, Qasim is like her own son that is why even though she was emotional about the fact that her own daughter was getting married, she was getting overwhelmed with happiness for Qasim too that he was going to get married to the one he loves, that scene somehow depicted the feelings of a mother beautifully.

Even though I enjoy seeing how Qasim acts in front of Sassi but now I really want him to show some other side to Sassi too. Qasim has always played goofy in front of her but now when he knows that it is not the sort of a guy Sassi would fall for, he should really show her that he is more than a goof cousin that she sees him as. Yes, I know, since Sassi is so loud & boisterous, Qasim’s goofiness balances it out perfectly & then, it is not that he is all about that because we know that Qasim has so many sides to him that Sassi is unaware of, so he has a margin of showing them to her as well. I loved how Sasso complemented Qasim, it showed a very different side of Sassi to us which was a good change from all that she has been upto recently.

The scene where Sassi wanted to see Wajih & Qasim intervened when Mammo was trying to stop her was beautiful as well. After Qasim saw Sassi in tears, he knew that she felt betrayed because she actually trusted him, that is why he decided to compensate for it by showing her that after marriage nothing will change between them & he will continue to support her the way he used to, but then again, Sassi was unable to see that as well because she was a bit too disgusted with the thought that now she was being forced to listen to Qasim, the guy she never saw as a man. The scene where Qasim talked to Kareeman & Mumtaz about Sassi was quite touching, it showed that out of all the people in the family, it was only Qasim who understood her because he knew that Sassi never cries & now that she did was a big deal. The way Qasim allowed her to meet Wajih went to show that by letting her be, he was showcasing the love & trust he had for/in her.

Once again, Wajih decided to break Sassi in order to make her. He knows she can really test someone’s patience, that is why he was now testing hers to see what she is made of. Sassi obviously proved herself & she will continue to do so because Wajih has no idea what Sassi is capable of & how driven she can be for something that she dreams of achieving.

Khayyam’s plea to Sonia to leave the industry only further elaborated his complexes. It is so obvious that despite loving Sonia & wanting to be with her, he can not deal with the baggage that she comes with & since he is so used to keeping himself safe from any such matters that might put him in the spotlight, he is now trying to convince Sonia to leave everything for him, hah!

Overall this episode was quite intense & I seriously couldn’t keep track of time because it ended a bit too quickly. I love Sajal Ali as Sassi, I think she is phenomenal & no other actress could’ve done justice to this unique character. As much as I like the goofy Qasim, I want to see the manly side of his character too which will convince Sassi that he is the one for her & he is worth her respect. Omair Rana’s addition is pleasant in this drama & the way he is effortlessly playing the character of Wajih Kamal is praise-worthy as well. In the end, I think the writer should take a bow for bringing something absolutely new & unique to the table & for giving a drama like O Rangreza to all the drama buffs. Please share your thoughts about this episode of O Rangreza.

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