Komal Aziz Becomes A Victim Of Feudalism!

Feudalism is one of the most dangerous vices existing in our society. Every day people become victim to this and nobody takes a stand to stop it. Komal Aziz is the recent victim of this tragedy. She shifted into her apartment last year with her parents and sister. Her father died during that period and now she has been facing mistreatment from the landlord who has beaten her sister and uncle. He has also taken a lot of money from her and is still demanding more funds. Nobody helped her as people are afraid of the feudal lord. She talked to Samaa news about this whole tragedy. This is what she said:

Watch Video: http://bit.ly/2ypWLM2

Публикувахте от Samaa TV в Четвъртък, 5 октомври 2017 г.

Tragic to see where our society is heading, where no one helps the helpless and just keep tolerating injustice because “yahan to kuch nahin badal sakta.” We hope Komal and her family get justice for all the injustice happened to them.

Pakeeza Dar