Laila And Nabeel Shaukat- What’s the Story

These days when the young Pakistani celebrities are trying really hard to improve the overall image of the people associated to the showbiz industry, there can still be seen the reflection of the old reputation of Pakistani actors and actresses who failed completely in their reign to enjoy a respect and dignity out of their career.  Lollywood actress Laila has always maintained her pace to be in the news, at times for her affairs, and if not that then for violating the laws and visiting the jail even. The lady is now said to be associating herself with the young singer and winner of Sur Kshetra, Nabeel Shaukat.

Recently, a reputed printed media released the news stating about story that actress Laila is finding Nabeel Shaukat interesting enough to be linked with. The two met in a morning show three days before Eid and since then the actress is trying to contact the singer and sending him ‘adoring’ messages. Managing the awkward situation, his spokesman revealed that Nabeel switched off his cell and would soon be leaving for Holland because he is really not ready to be a part of any scandal which would obviously affect his newly-started career.

Here is the piece of news, have a look!


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Nida Zaidi


  • Ann Imm

    its not good that ipakistani actress doing these cheap things 🙁 Astagfar

  • Kashaf Agha

    koi baat hoi hogi! aisay hi toe woh pechay nai pari hogi na!

    • Fayzee

      You have a point..

  • Guest

    What else can one expect from her.

  • shiza wasim

    bohut stupid hai ye

  • hira

    well laila mje bhi aisi hi lgti hen had ho gai yar

  • Umber

    too bad

  • aqsa

    hr news nai baat sy lety ho ye mery colg ka news paper ha meanz superior college ka

  • Punaajaban

    hahahahahaha!! Cheap publicity . Nazareen mulahiza farmaiyen:- “the Meera Method” of being famous… uff ye kabhi nahin samjhain gi! Carry on Nabeel. ignore them…. we just know that they are just the way they are, they arent changing! or working hard in their careen!

  • noor

    ab isko aaram krna chahiye instead of having such cheap affairs :@

  • ammara


  • G00D GuRl