Last Episode Of Mere Paas Tum Ho Will Have Tragic Ending

The star-studded drama serial Mere Paas Tum Ho is going to end soon. People are eagerly waiting to know the end of the story.

Last Episode Of Mere Paas Tum Ho Will Have Tragic EndingThe writer Khalil-ur-Rehman always ends his dramas with tragic endings. He believes that life is suffering since your birth till the end. That’s why a TV serial does not have to end with a happy ending.

Last Episode Of Mere Paas Tum Ho Will Have Tragic EndingQamar advised people with a weak heart to take medicines while watching the last episode. He said, “I am not kidding I have been through severe pain while watching the last episode. Nadeem Baig has directed the last episode as I have written it.

I am saying all this just for men because women’s hearts are stronger than men. The people who will watch the episode will feel the same pain which was faced by the unlucky husband (Humayun Saeed).

Last Episode Of Mere Paas Tum Ho Will Have Tragic Ending

He also added, “The child character Romi resembles him. I kept myself in my mind while writing the character of Romi. I used to be like him in my childhood.”

Last Episode Of Mere Paas Tum Ho Will Have Tragic EndingWhat are your predictions for the last episode of Mere Paas Tum Ho? Let us know in the comments section.


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  • Mehwish will die, i think Danish and Roomi ,Haniya will became a family
    I hope this will be end of this drama

  • I think Humayon will die bcz we can wept only for this character death…and also this drama is writing on behalf of Pyare afzal which has sad ending

  • Humayon will die bcz we can only wept for this character … And also this drama is written on behalf of Pyaray Afzal which has sad ending

  • Happy ending should b there plz Danish nd mehvish should marry again nd Hania get a new men like danish

  • I think Danish get married with MS haniya…
    Agar Danish ki mehwish sy doobra shadi ho jaye to duniya ki har aurat apnay mian sy baqawat kry gi.. Aor yeh sochay gi keh mian hmeri har galati aur gunnah ko maaf krngy.

  • Danish will refuse the marriage offer and say that he will not be able to love and attached to hania as he was with Mehwish… it would be an injustice with you if i marry you cause i can not b the same as before.

  • Humayun will forgive Mehwish and arrange a nikkah. Before the nikkah Shehwar will come and ask for Mehwish to marry him but she needs to kill Danish first. Danish finally accepts Mehwish and as he smiles she kills him and runs off with Shehwar. At the moment Maham takes Rumi as a servant…..:(

  • There’s no use beating about the bush that whether Mahwish should return to Danish or not. It’s not in his hands bcz remarrying a divorced wife is not permitted in Islamic law, unless she marries again and that second husband divorces her. I don’t understand why Mahwish and all other characters are portrayed as being so ignorant of this obvious fact.

  • I think danish will marry haniya and then after settling his father with miss haniya. Rumi will move with his mother mehwish, cause he have soft corner for her and what ever she do rumi can’t change the fact that she is his mother and they are keep showing rumi as a very mature child

  • Ultimately Danish will die. He loves Mehwish but don’t want to see her.The day Danish see Mehwish will die handing Roomi to Mehwish

  • Danish would never be able to trust another woman, he would not marry for a long time, but his son’s teacher wd keep waiting for him, making up for his Father’s sin of ditching her Mom.

  • Mehwish will Die and Humayum will tell Roomi, Mere Paas Tum Ho….

    Roomi will die and hence Humayun Saeed will tell Mehwish Mere Pass Tum Ho

  • Danish and Mehwish both will die or willbe killed by Shehwar. Roomi is taken care of by Haniya then.

  • I think Danish will die in some accident and at the same time Mehwish will take poison and die. Roomi will be then with Hania, who will take care of him all her life.

  • Mehwish k pas Danish jab jae ga to woh usay dekhtay hi aah Bharay gi or Mar jae gi or Danish phir Hania say shadi karay ga or shahwar Already saza kaat Raha hai woh apni wife ki company Mai job karta rahay ga chahiay usay waha chaprasi ki job hi kyu na karni paray .

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